Friday, June 10, 2011

Where Have I Been and Spa Doggie Photos?

Where have I been?  Well, we've had the blessing of getting to switch to being a Mac family, due to an unexpected  Dell system failure.  And lucky me, I DID backup all was not totally lost.  And the best thing about blogging your entire life online?  BACKUP!!  Almost everything not backed up is sitting here on my blog....just the last batch of photos that hadn't made it into posts yet BUT were still in my phone....can we say "Oh yeah!!!" for not deleting photos in the phone automatically??

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some Beauty Spa photos of my girlz......

Miss Sage, our Golden Retriever/German Shepherd Mix Rescue

Her new summer "do"...

Queen mean Sweety.... purebred Pekingese

Here new summer "do"

We thought we might take the groomer some Pekingese haircut photos...what do you think?  lol

In other news, my pain has in G.O.N.E.      I feel amazing!  I will have a post soon detailing exactly HOW...I can't wait to share!  I feel wonderful...have been walking a 2 mile trail with hills and valleys, working out in the condo weight room......the details give me goosebumps!

Now back to manifesting all my fave bookmarks and other items off in the land of dead other good news....when we get this one resurrected, Andy has a new computer!    Lucky Guy!



  1. Cheri the doggies sure will be much cooler...As for you my Dear friend..I am so excited for you with what is going on with your pain..can't wait to hear what is going on..Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. So glad the pain is better! Welcome back.

  3. Wow! Those are some good looking dogs:) We have a long, thick haired cat that gets a little less shaggy every spring too. Anxiously awaiting the details on your pain being gone! (It's always been a bit of an aside to me, but we recently found that a friend suffers .badly. from it, and so any information I may pass onto him would be welcomed:) )

  4. Doggies look embarrassed to be naked ;-)

  5. Your doggies are so adorable! We give our doggies summer haircuts, too, and they appreciate it so much.

    I CAN'T wait to find out about your pain being gone! I would dearly love to find myself in the same situation but I'm having more pain these days. :(

    It was good to catch up with you! I haven't been blog visiting for awhile.

    Many blessings - Julie


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