Thursday, June 30, 2011

Health Update

I am doing GREAT!  More than great.....just blessed.

Since I last wrote HERE and HERE about the pain lifting, I have:

1.  Continued to walk 2 miles 3-4 times a week at the local park with hubs and our larger is an asphalt trail around lakes, up and down!

2.  Am in the process of getting off ALL associated medications and as we speak, am down a full 1/3 in dose.  The medication I was given to help with any effects hasn't been needed...I have taken ONE (and I was allowed  2 a day AND told to prepare for the worse flu of my life.  Didn't happen.  Just a little tiredness for a few days......walking helped that!)  I will decrease a 1/3 every two in 6 weeks or less, I will be MEDICATION FREE!!!!!!!!  This alone is a major answered prayer in my life.  My gift to myself......

3.  Ended up getting 7 free facials to help my face heal from the spa incident.....and had my last one yesterday.  Boy do facials feel good and the associated massage of the neck, head and  face.....

4.  My Spinal Cord Stimulator remote (the part that allows me to control the stimulation....)continued to be on the fritz...and just TODAY did I get a replacement part that actually worked.  It has been a comedy of errors that most would not believe...and frankly, had I BEEN in pain, I would have been committed by now.  God is amazing though, and my SCS didn't break until the day my pain lifted.  How cool is that???  (I ended up having to record with my iphone the "acting up" since in the presence of docs and programmers, it worked fine. Just like when a female takes a car to get services and it doesn't act up.  Ugh. ) Never to be disbelieved, I happily forwarded 4 videos, PROVING the trouble.  Don't underestimate a driven woman. Even though I don't need the SCS at this moment, I do prefer it to be working.....since it is implanted and all....that just sounds like a good idea....

Can you see the problem with the first wand they sent me?  The old one is on the left.......
When I called to explain the problem (as the guy on the other end had an accent and was not easily understanding me....I kept saying, "You sent me a GIRL, and I need a BOY wand."  I can only imagine what he was thinking, but to ME, it seemed the best way to describe it.  lol  This is the part I put on my upper hip and communicate how much stimulation I want through the remote...

All in all, I feel FABULOUS.  Just got back from going to the grocery store the groceries, put them in and out of the cart....carried to the car.......Hubs will be SHOCKED when he gets home.  Edit - hubs just got home and IS shocked and said, "Wow, when was the last time you did THAT!  You should put that on your blog" and I told him I already was....hee hee....  :)

God answers prayers!!!!!!!  Don't give up.....never give up.  Be careful what you focus on.....because what we focus on....grows.  Believe the pain will lift.  Dream as if it already has.....Trust me......with my medical "proof"...this can only be explained by "it's a God thing".



  1. CHERI AMEN!!!! PRAISE GOD,through the good times and the bad..What else can be said...Enjoy your new blessed life my friend.

  2. I'm joining you, Cheri, in praising God for your healing, What a testimony you have! God has definitely blessed you!

  3. Hallelujah! What a marvelous development. Modern science, and faith -- a powerful combination.
    May you have continued improvement.
    Again, hallelujah!

  4. Amen!!!! God sure is amazing!!!! I'm so glad he's answered your prayers and that you are doing so well!!!!!!!

  5. You are a very inspirational woman. I am gladly your latest follower. All the best for your future health too.

  6. God sure is good! Following your inspirational story. Happy to hear you're doing so well.

  7. I am so very glad to hear you are doing so well! I was getting a bit worried about you!
    ~Hugs, M

  8. So good to hear your feeling better all that positive thinking works wonders x


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