Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gorgeous Makeup Palette

I was watching some more You Tube videos and heard about a gorgeous new eye shadow palette by "The Balm" and I was curious.

Nude Tude by The Balm


When I saw it was $36, I said "No way".

Then, lucky day...it was on sale one day at Hautelook...another one of those great online private sale boutique sites.......  I was able to get this for $16!!!!!!!!!  Wow!!

I can't wait to use this in the morning....these look like gorgeous colors!  (It also comes in the "nice" palette...this is apparently the "naughty" version...although on Hautelook, this was the only one available...)

I really recommend you check out Hautelook.....you won't be sorry!  I have saved SO much money ..things I would have purchased anyway but got on great discounts...


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