Thursday, December 22, 2011

Words to Live By

Source: via Cheri on Pinterest

"The past is finished.  Learn from it and let it go.  The future is not even here yet.  Plan for it, but do not waste your time worrying about it.  Worrying is worthless.  When you stop ruminating about what has already happened, when you stop worrying about what might never happen, then you will be in the present moment.  Then you will begin to experience joy in life."

 -  Brian Weiss, is an American psychiatrist and best-selling author.

I read an amazing blog post today and had to share it.  Mastin Kipp, of The Daily Love, has a daily inspirational email I receive and I highly recommend it.  This is what he wrote today:

"So what if that were all emotions were? A wake up call? They aren’t bad. They aren’t something to repress. They aren’t negative. They are just calling us forth and asking us to wake up.
Resentment is asking us to stop blaming other people and take responsibility for our lives.
Anger is asking us to feel the sadness below it – and then let it go.
Fear is showing us where we can have more faith and perhaps create a massive action plan.
The sensation of “lack” is showing us that the amount of abundance we have in our lives is related to how much value we have added in other people’s lives.
Perhaps anxiety is showing us that we are stepping outside our comfort zone."

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Hi Cheri, I'm here because of your comment on Cheap Chic Home. It held so much generous info on longer hair, like mine, with wave and frizz problems. I also agree that longer hair is better because of the versatility and ease of care. I will definitely look into the products you mentioned and I am now following your blog with Google Reader! I used to crochet at one point and see that you do a lot. I'd love to look through some of your tutorials and see if that might be something I'd like to start back up with again! Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!


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