Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fun with Hot Flashes - NOT!

One day in June. a new gal was hired at my company.  While I was training her, literally every 45 minutes she broke out and was WET.  She would start fanning herself but I thought to myself - HOW MISERABLE!!

Never one to let my "medical degree from the Internet" go unused (LOL), I shared with her what I knew about Maca Root and showed her a few I brought from home.  Can't remember now why I already had some....hmmm....... 

That day, she took one and went from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm without having another hot flash.  A miracle!!  She then ordered her own and I didn't ask again.

Good news I paid attention to the advice I gave her, because about a month ago, I started getting VERY VERY WARM....never wet, never broke a sweat, but definitely not my normal self.    

(And as an aside.....WTH!  I was told I had premature ovarian failure since age 26...have been 100% infertile ever since and have proof of that...no prevention of pregnancy...)...and that I'd not go through menopause.  Hmmm.....

I took my Maca capsules sometimes once a day, sometimes twice....but after a week or so, the effect was less and less.   I was bummed!  One day, however, I was ordering some more of that amazing, natural skin care products from Simply Divine Botanicals.com and saw she was now offering organic Maca Root Powder and I ordered some immediately.  PLEASE go read what she writes about it there.

Maca Root - on Simply Divine Botanicals.com

Ladies!!!!  This stuff is AMAZING.  Not only did it help my "warming sessions", but they are GONE.  Only when I am massively stressed do I have a baby one.......

I put 1/2 to 1 tsp of this powder in my morning green smoothies with my skate liver oil from Green Pasture.org and I have never felt better.

So now I have my own personalized "study" of 2 women...one 46 (me), one 52......and we both are having great relief with this product!

If you decide to try this, please do yourself a HUGE favor and order the sample sets of the skin care....both the main one and the seaweed one.  You will never be happier...you will never look younger.... and say goodbye to those hot flashes!!

Please let me know how it works for you .....love to hear!



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