Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Console Cabinet - It's Here!

I mentioned before that I have loved this cabinet from afar....for months and months...and never could handle the sticker price.  Yet every time I saw one, I would just light up.....

When I saw it on Joss and Main one Sunday morning for WAY less than I'd ever seen it, I couldn't believe my eyes, put it in my shopping cart and proceeded to hem and haw like nobody's business.

Finally EngineerHubby said I should buy it...he knew how much I loved it....and sometimes we pay a little more for things we love THAT much.

So, I've been waiting and waiting.....and it is finally here!!

This was the temporary TV stand until it arrived.

Mirrored Console made by Hooker Furniture.

 This is ENORMOUS!!!  Wow!!!  Now, I just have to get it accessorized.  Same story with the rest of my house.  Ha!

And yes, WE LOVE IT!!  Even the doggies.....

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