Sunday, April 12, 2009

PnM Memories - Shopping Trip To Chicago

I have an online group of friends that I met in a parenting forum in 1996. 1996!!!! Friends and family have often heard me reference my "PnM friends". We have posted daily since then, watching as our friends had babies, and now some us, our kids graduating high school and beyond. We finally decided to have a get-together in 2001 and those that could make it traveled to Gurnee, IL, outside of Chicago. One girl came as far as Montana. Others were from Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, and more. After becoming best friends for years, it was no neat to finally meet some buddies in real life. Andy joked that I finally "proved" these people existed. lol Sadly, not everyone has kept up with the group, and some have come and returned. Our wonderful friend, Kelly, has graciously hosted out site for years and years now. Thank you Kelly!!

We didn't all know each other, as some ladies primarily posted in the working parents forum, for example, so I do not know everyone in the pictures. I am hoping some one can help me out!

2001 Shopping Trip to Gurnee Mills Mall in Gurnee, IL (outside of Chicago)
Lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe

Seated clockwise: Esther, Gail, Lucy/Cathy, Someone's Husband, Tina Miz, Lisa, Cheri and Suzanne.

From Left to Right: Suzanne and child (I'm almost positive her name was Susan), Shannon and her kids, Esther, Lucy/Cathy and child, Tina Miz and son, Gail, Cheri and her boys in front, Lisa.

And one more:

From Left to Right: Esther, Cheri, Lisa and Gail from Montana.

I personally have moved 4 times and lived in 3 states since we met up. It is awesome to have such good friends, unrelated to location.

You can click on these photos to see them larger. No dates on the photos, darn it. If you have any ideas, you can be my first to comment on a blog with your suggestions, votes of confidence, names of people in order, etc.

Have a great day!

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  1. Well I know Shannon is the one 2nd from the left (long dark hair) and I think 5th from the left is Tina? It's been forever.

  2. The lady in the red sweater next to Esther is Lucy/Cathy with her son Jack. I wonder who the 1st lady on the left is? She does not look familiar at all?

  3. I want to say her name is Sue? But I may be making that up. She exclusively posted on Working Mom's, I remember that.

  4. These are GREAT!!! I have almost the same exact pic of when several of us met up here in MI and posed in front of the Rain Forest Cafe. I'll have to find it!



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