Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The positives of nerve damage and numbness....

Even though I have permanent S1 nerve damage, causing all kinds of problems, one new one has been urinary numbness and those complications. I also have numbness to the lateral (outside) of my hips to toes as shown in the previous link. The good news is it appears I have passed a kidney stone without feeling it after it hit the bladder!

Let me explain: I had the tell-tale pain in my mid-back, left side, just like in the past with my other 3 kidney stones. I was not happy at the onset of this pain, knowing what I was about to go through. After about a week, the pain disappeared, and I assumed the stone was now in my bladder. I then was hesitantly waiting to pass it on out through the urethra, and that is NOT fun. However, I never felt anything, never noticed when it passed.

For those of you who have ever passed a kidney stone, you know how HUGE this is!!! In September last year, I had to be catheterized at the ER one night, and I did not feel the nurse start nor finish the catheterization. That was scary but also welcome relief for me not to have to feel that and suffer. I do still have complete control of my bladder functions, but have noticeable numbness and some other issues. The urologist has me on a low level antibiotic for now, and is going to look at some more of my medical records. In just the last few months, I have had many tests already ran, including ultrasounds and CT scans.

Along with being originally caused by the nerve disease, my urologist strongly suspects the problem is exacerbated by my spinal cord stimulator (SCS). The SCS is a device that is implanted in my body that sends electrical signals in my spinal canal and blocks the pain signals coming off my legs from getting to my brain. It is common, he said, to have it also affect the bodily functions. He thinks that my bladder is not emptying entirely, or is having inefficient spasms due to being partially numb. While this is not so great, he said I do NOT have to get rid of my SCS. Hallelujah!!!! We will just work around this somehow, and I'm sure I have some tests coming up in my future.

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