Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweety - Our Black Pekingese

Sweety turned 7 last week and I ran across some puppy pictures of her. She is almost fully black, with some white on her chest and a white streak running up her tail like a skunk. Most Pekingese are tan/white/brown. Rare to find a black one. If we let her hair grow out, it would touch the floor. For those that do not know and might want a Pekingese, they have to be one of the TOP shedding dogs available in the world. Also, they have a very high opinion of themselves and aren't really the lapdog you might expect them to be. Sweety acts much like a cat some days - keeping to herself unless she needs something and then she can be quite demanding. lol

Thought I would share one of the funny photos from back then. And the one below is a recent photo - I get a kick out of the ones where she is staring straight at the camera. Those eyes - only a mother could love them. lol (Sage is laying beside saying, "Hey, let's keep playing, this is a fair match-up!")

This is one of the only photos we have of her tail.

One of my favorite photos of the boys with Sweety. Oldie but goodie. I believe this was from October of 2004. So handsome!

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  1. She looks just like a "Sweety". Happy Birthday to her!!


  2. What a cutie, my Pek Gino just winked at her...mishelle

  3. What a cute dog! Looks like he/she could be one of the Gremlins!



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