Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Armour Desiccated Thyroid Shortage - Update

Took my husband's prescription to a new to us pharmacy, The Medicine Shoppe near us, as they could compound his Armour Thyroid.  When I took the prescription to them, they reported that out of nowhere this morning, they received in some Armour Desiccated Thyroid in his dosage.  So he will get his filled the normal way.

Just an FYI to those who are hearing from others that Armour Desiccated Thyroid has been discontinued.  It has not, and the website supports this as well.  Just really SLOW getting their supply back up.  Here is the statement from the website, indicating they are focusing on filling the 1 grain (60 mg) and 1/2 grain (30mg) dosages, as these account for 70% of all Armour thyroid prescriptions, used alone or together in some combination.  From Forest Pharmaceuticals:

I take 3/4 grain, so will have to continue to get mine compounded until they produce the 1/4 grain  (which could be combined with the 30 grain) or 3/4 grain again.  With the new formulation, splitting the pills causes too much disintegration and powder.

I wish I knew the whole darn story, but oh well.......

In other news, if you take a synthetic thyroid product and still feel like crud, I recommend you look into the natural (but prescription) thyroid products.  Both my husband and I feel like utter crud when we take Synthroid or Levothroid.  We always go back to Armour Desiccated Thyroid, period.   Feeling "alive" again is how we would describe the difference between the products.  

For more info, I recommend reading:

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  1. We too were told the same thing here in Oregon. But I was told by my pharmacist that it was discontinued and then he said it was banned. Go figure? I changed pharmacist's and they got it right away. However, that refill was old and did not have the same effects as did the refill before. These were very hard almost like rocks, could not chew them easily. But it's been 8 months now and none seems to be available. Hope you all are able to get your refills in a timely manner. Best wishes to all! Ginger

  2. Just happened upon your blog when I did a Goggle search on Armour thyroid and noticed the last poster chews her thyroid medicine. I never heard of that. Is that common, recommended, etc.?

  3. I have never heard of someone chewing their Armour Thyroid and can't imagine doing so. It tastes nasty just from what little has ever touched my tongue accidentally. I do know we must take it first thing in the morning and not eat for at least 30 minutes. Folks who don't do that don't get the same relief.

  4. Unequivocally, excellent answer

  5. I was surprised in December when my Dr said, it's back in stock! I can't take the others because the filler has lactose (very intolerant) and acasia (I have severe hayfever allergies so this actually causes me to get severe sinus infetions if I use it...). Anyways, was on another for a year, with no movement in my numbers. Added Armour in December. Still NOT A SINGLE BIT of movement in the numbers... Doubled everything. Am at 26mg of Armour and 240mg of the T3. Still nothing. Going in for pituitary MRI this week. Fun fun for the tired...
    Glad to hear you are able to get some!

  6. I suffered from hormone deficiencies too, but I took natural thyroid for my own good. Now, my hormone level is back to normal!


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