Sunday, August 1, 2010

Date Night

This weekend has been so much fun!  We:

Had a wonderful date night to Outback Steakhouse.  We had so much fun chatting, holding hands, sharing food and drinks, visiting with the waiter.  We're still talking about it all day today.  So sad to see those folks who sit staring at their food or watching other people, with little to no visiting with their spouse.  Just ran out of things to say after all these years.  Settling.  A dirty word in our home.

Took this photo using the new reverse photo feature on iPhone, where you see yourself before you snap.  Andy laughs at how much I fluff my hair, and try to keep my eyes from squinting shut.  Am I just old?  What is with all my photos having squinty eyes?  I refuse to tone down my smile just to have my eyes open.   :)  And I have one eye open here, so success!!

Now why this is so red I have no idea.  I was playing around with a new camera application choosing colors and different effects, but I was positive I cleared it all.  Hmmm....

And that shirt is a gorgeous deep eggplant color, so not sure why it looks royal blue.  Does it look royal blue to you?

And I mentioned my new "silent but commanding" supervisory style I'm using while moving?  (Or, errr, watching Andy move?)  Here is a photo - sitting in my chair at the new place, reclined, playing with my phone, being a loving, supporting and quiet wife, after chatting all the way there and then back.  Ha! might not be an exciting life, but it is a great life.  With a great man.  And a great relationship.  And a closeness I always dreamed and prayed for and after a mere 23 years, it is here!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, cognitive behavior counseling.  Praise God!!

Girls, I'm living proof that if we put all our energy into focusing on what we can change, what we can improve and using every spare moment as an opportunity to show our man our much we respect, appreciate and love him?  Reap the rewards, just simply reap the rewards.  

All the other stress and nightmare issues in our life can just wait their turn.  We're busy loving each other like we only have today to do it. 

It's contagious - spread the love!

Have a glorious day!


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