Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Iphone 4 Stuck in Zoom!

Today, I was at the condo pool enjoying myself, the only one there, getting my Vitamin D, and playing "Angry Birds" on my iPhone4 when all of a sudden, the screen went HUGE.  As in, massive zoom and I had not zoomed it myself.

Angry Birds App for iPhone
With the screen in full zoom, I could not get to any controls.  And there was no fixing this!
I at first thought it was a fluke, but 3 restarts and 2 Hard restart later (holding the home button and sleep button down simultaneously) - I was starting to panic!  (Don't mess with my phone, people!  And while you're at it, don't mess with my computer either.  lol)

Now, since I learned a big lesson last week on what to do before you run to the phone store (did I forget to tell y'all about that?  Well, here you go!!)

Did you know that if your new bluetooth earbud will no longer connect to your cell phone, it is best to TURN IT ON before driving to the store for help? 

I have to give the sales gal credit for being so sweet and keeping her facial expression professional.  I thanked her kindly and carried myself out proudly, refusing to succumb to the mental imagine I'm sure she had pictured of me!  You KNOW she had to be dying laughing inside!  

(In my defense, the button to turn the earbud on was also the button you push to answer a call, so how was I to know?  P.S.  I have now skimmed through the instruction booklet.  lol) today, I was NOT going to rush to a store for help.   (Do not ask my 21 yr old if I came in from the pool, soaking wet, hair crazy and before I did one other thing, I got on the computer to figure this out like a mad woman.  No, that was not me.)  I knew I could figure this one out, but darn it, I had already tried everything I knew to do.  I set about entering all kinds of search terms trying to find help - iPhone stuck on zoom, etc. 

And lo and behold, I found a Youtube video that not only had the same problem, but told me what to do!  So here you go (if you have found my blog because you have the same problem!)  My phone looked just like this phone.

Seriously???  Tap it twice with 3 fingers??????  I can attest that using any other combination of fingers does NOT work!  Crazy making! Thank you Thank you, sweet internet person who put this video up for the panicked ones.  I DO appreciate it!

And so concludes my "techy tip" of the day.  Slip this in the back of your mind somewhere in case you ever get the attack of the random zoom!

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  1. Tank you sooo much for this!

    It was my second time doing this, but i didnt remember what i did last time to make it go back to normal. Now i remember! Tank you! <3

  2. You might as well be related to Jesus... how simple a solution for the seemingly craziest problem which nothing would fix :(.

    Thank you.

  3. You are welcome! I had quite a panic moment myself!

  4. I am LMAO trying for hours to get my phone back, and all I had to do was tap this crazy random attack zoom twice with three fingers like a retard.

    Thank you so much, I am in Murcia,Spain on a Sunday. Everything is closed, the Moviestarr(ATT)store will be open tomorrow. I tried everything I could think of, including getting the # of my local store in Linden. I could not call NJ because the numbers were BBBBigggg for the visually impaired.

    Yes you are related to Jesus,and I wondered how many people have had this problem before.

    The question is, How does this happen in the first place? what is it that I did that made this panicky situation begin and drive me insane?

    My friend and I really needed this laugh after so much anguish.


  5. Rocio, I'm so glad I could help. I honestly do not know what causes this and have had it happen 3 times now. I panic each time BUT never fear, this method does work. My question is....who figured this fix out? Seriously, just sat around tapping fingers in any number of combinations? Crazy, huh!


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