Monday, August 30, 2010

Where Do I Blog?

I'm joining Censational Girl today on the meme - Where Do I Blog?  This is crazy timing, as I just posted last night about my "nest" and that's where I do almost everything.  I will today explain in more detail.

Do you know anyone disabled?  Or someone who is convalescing for an extended period of time?  If so, you might want to check out these details to make them more comfortable.  Being able to do things on the Internet is a GREAT way to distract our minds away from stress and to help pass the time.  There have been many studies proving this.  For me, the number one way I cope with my 24/7 pain is - the Internet.

Without further ado, I am going to be "real" and show you my "nest" aka, "command center" without staging.  We have just moved and are trying to make things work and for now, a piece of plywood is required.  Here is the photo:

Our former house has laminate flooring and my laptop desk rolled easily.  Here at this home, the carpet combined with my lack of an ability to twist, lean or push/pull to control the desk makes for multiple messes = dumped drinks on the floor, etc.  The guys are gracious to help clean it up (as I can't bend, lift or twist) but they are happier when I keep my spills to a minimum.  lol  I'm debating painting the plywood like a cool rug or as suggested by a friend, get some decorative paper and some Mod Podge.  What do you think?

Here is an example of the adjustable laptop desk you can purchase.  I found mine for $40, but they can be found for nearly $100 other places.  I am bargain girl!

You have to watch out with the legs at the base - depending on your chair/recliner/bed - it makes sense to get just the right height/style.

It doesn't show, but I use a wireless keyboard and mouse - the mouse is on the desk, and the keyboard I keep in my lap.  This allows me to recline and still write/type on the Internet.  My arm reaches up to the mouse to navigate and I can stay comfortably reclined (which keeps my damaged nerves happy.)  In the photo above, my keyboard is on top of the laptop, but once I sit down, it goes in my lap for easy typing.

Notice down to the right (to the viewer) are my high school year books for easy checking for Facebook friends!  lol  On my desk, I also have my cell phone, pens, nail files, medicines, drinks, etc.   Everything a convalescing person might need to limit the need to get up 100 times a day.  The more I rest/recline, the most I can do when I have to (errands, doc appointments, etc.)

From this position, I can also watch TV easily, even fully reclined (see my feet with socks and slipper and velour pants yet I need a fan on my face?  Thanks, nerve damage!:

Down by the butter gold and red table that hold the fan is a basket that holds all the cables I might need for charging, uploading photos from the camera, etc.  I have that small fan to keep me cool from the hot flashes the different meds cause.   It is strange, as my feet and legs FREEZE all day long, yet my head and face will get warm.   The joys of nerve damage!

At our former house, my station was much more "disguised" as I was up against a wall and it wasn't as obvious.

In this house, we switched and put our beige chairs in the beige room with the beige carpet and I might go insane.  It's teetering.  lol  Hubs put the red couch in the sunroom and I miss the color, but with the TV mounted so high, we need the recliners to feel like a drive-in movie.  lol

Share a smile - you never know who needs one!


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  1. Hi Cheri ! It's so nice to read your story. My sister just had a similar surgery last week for an implant to stimulate her nerves ~ she suffers from chronic pain and I'm always praying for her. I am so glad you could join us for the party this week, thanks for sharing.


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