Monday, November 8, 2010

Choosing Fabrics for Window Treatments

After getting our new living room put together, I set about deciding on the window treatment fabric.  

With the strong pattern in the rug, what did I want?  I already had a solid brown drapery covering the sunroom - 
The geometric patterns are all the rage nowadays, but we didn't feel the fit with this room.  Stripes?  No.  Smaller floral?  No.  We had gone to Jo Ann's and found nothing in the Home Dec fabric.  Discouraged, we were walking around the nearby 45" fabric and saw this one.  Loved it immediately - Both of us!  (I keep coupons clipped an in my wallet for my often unplanned visits to stores such as Jo Ann's, Hancock Fabric, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. )

Knowing we have just the one window to treat, we decided to make 2 narrow panels.  This fabric was actually 45" rather than the traditional 54" home decor fabric, and we chose to purchase 3 yards and then cut that yardage in half, to get the two panels.  Cost for fabric for one entire window?  $15!  (Fabric on sale!)
 Now, back to all my trim!  I also have a bench I will be recovering and here are some photos of fabrics I am considering:

Yellow fabric bench - needs coordinating fabric for living room.

Will I add in a solid chocolate brown panel?  And which trim? From top to bottom - a gorgeous chocolate brown gimp, a fancy/elaborate corkscrew type trim, and finally a more traditional onion ball trim. 

Because the trim came in a grab bag, I only have limited amounts.  My favorite is the gimp but I have limited amounts.   And I actually think I have it upside down in this photo!  lol

The full tutorial coming soon! 



  1. Love the fabrics! But I've gotta say that I really love the corkscrew trim. I don't know what it is about it, but it's just what pops for me. Also love the smaller zebra stripe for the bench. It's perfect with the rug because even though it's the same pattern more or less, being that much smaller makes it a very elegant choice.

    Everything is looking great, Cheri. Very warm and inviting. Makes me realize that I've got to get on the stick and do some long overdue projects around here! At least I have the "manpower" at the moment. I'd rather it wasn't for the reason that it is, but I'll take full advantage while I've got him! lol


  2. All the best guys! Waiting to know more updates from you


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