Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week in Pictures

Lots of changes going on here, the kind that take your head and whip it a full 360 degrees all the way around!!  As we work on assimilating everything, I'm distracting myself with photos and thought I'd put them here.  

This summer in Texas, Holt discovered his love of astronomy (Aspies have a "special interest" and this may be his).  On Tuesday, I surprised him with a trip to our local planetarium and had him in the car before announcing the point of the "mandatory trip" I asked him to go on.  He thought it was more  He LOVED it.  Had a blast.  We saw the "Trip to Andromeda" or something like that, plus a little ditty on the nighttime sky over Memphis.  

Not only did he let me sit RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!!  But he also let me take a picture!  lol

Sorry for the quality - in a dark planetarium and my iPhone4.  We are in the reclining seats.
That night, hubs had a business dinner and invited me - some friends/colleagues from North Carolina - Gene and Trudy.  He is Andy's counterpart in NC and they get along very well.  Trudy is a hoot and just retired and was able to accompany Gene on the 2 week trip.  Because I am such a fabulous wife (HA!) I agreed to go to Benihana and eat SUSHI.  Well, they did anyway.  I ate something "cooked" and then had something good to eat when we got home.  lol 

Gene and Trudy
The big project that has had hubs SO busy all year, since February (remember the 11 weeks traveling?), is coming to an end.  Crossing our fingers, praying may soon be over.  Launching.........tomorrow!!!  

Will I get my husband back?  Ever again?  I can only hope.  :)

And finally, an update in the pain department (permanent nerve damage/implanted spinal cord stimulator):  Not sure how much I've written on here (if any at all), but I've been in a major med transition for the last 2 months.  I am happy to report that the new regimen has been just short of amazing.......not only am I doing better in general, but overall, EVERYTHING is better on this new regimen.  Andy says "The old Cheri" is back - I have more memory, more energy, more optimistic, my pain is SO well-controlled, I could go on and on.  So even though being thrown into medication reaction hell-zone a few months back, taking a month to figure out what was the problem (after a full 4 weeks of immense "I can't live like this another minute" suffering) .....we realized it was a reaction to a 2 year medication.  After an abrupt change and then months of titration, we are back at a great place, even greater than ever before.  And I'll tell ya - if stress increases pain, then my pain should be in OUTER SPACE, but it isn't.  I am so thankful for wonderful doctors who care, who listen and who go the extra mile to relieve suffering and bring back a life worth living.

Have a glorious day!



  1. Hi Cheri!

    I am so glad you are feeling better and have a great doctor....that makes all the difference, doesn't it? Glad you'll have your hubby back soon too! I hate it when my hubby has to go out of town for just two!! Love your pictures, super cute!

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Thanks for your sweet comment on my recent blog post! *smile*

    ((Hugs)) & Love,

  2. I enjoyed your week in pics! So glad things are going well for you with the new medication. What on ordeal!
    Have a blessed week!


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