Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hanging Out in Closets and Smellin' Good!

Well, if you live in the midwest or south, you've probably been enjoying your share of bath tubs and closets this week thanks to the tornadic weather.  We made 2 trips ourselves tonight.  And that is no easy feat, for the girl who can't bend, lift or twist.  Making a huge palette of pillows on the ground, so I can lay fully down....and then struggling to get back up with my muscle weakness in my legs....

Anyhoo...what's the "smellin' good" part?  Well.....I ran across a new product to me (might be new altogether but I don't know).....and it was less than $3.  Seriously!! 

OOOHHH, almost forgot - it is 

Parabens are want to avoid these if at all possible.

Eos Shave Cream - Vanilla  Bliss scent

This is the company that makes those Eos (Evolution of Smooth) round lip balms that are all the rage??  Well this shave cream is SO nice and SO inexpensive!  I found mind at Target.  I am a sucker for "vanilla" because hubs can't handle much of anything else.  NO perfume wearing in this house.  So while hunkering down packed like rabbits in the closet, I smelled GOOD....vanilla bliss on my

I did notice it comes in a Pomegranate scent of some kind, but I did not get a chance to check it out.  For the non-vanilla lovers...

I was not contacted or requested by this company to write this review.  I found this item and just love it and had to share!



  1. oo that looks nice, i am also a sucker for vanilla!
    I also wanted to say thanks for the follow... i am getting so excited to see my blog grow. I (someday) hope to have a lot of follows and do linky parties and giveaways... so every follower makes me smile and i hope to share something somebody can gain from or inspire even a little bit..
    so anymore tips be sure to send my way, always looking to make it better!!!
    thanks girl:)

  2. Aww! That is such a sweet blog! I too am a sucker for vanilla you see... It's got an almost ethereal smell :)


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