Friday, May 27, 2011

Tulip Dishcloth

Still on the hunt to find a dishcloth or washcloth that I like, I saw this one and thought I had to try it.  This Tulip Dishcloth pattern is.....FREE.  (No surprise there, huh!)

After frogging it at least 3 times (frogging means pulling it apart and start entirely over)....I decided to tweak the pattern.  Instead of chaining 3, I decided to chain 2, creating a smaller space that fingers would be less likely to push through.  Also, instead of the beginning chain 35 (which honestly needs to be a chain 36 to work out right), I chained 28.  I think it made the perfect size. 

And guess what else!!!!!!!!!!  It is almost perfectly square WITHOUT blocking!  Woo Hoo!!

Isn't this yarn lovely?

Isn't this rolling in the pattern scrumptious???



  1. Good Morning, Cheri,
    I have been addicted to crochet lately too. It's so easy to bring a little project in the car when traveling. Thank you for sharing the link to your latest pattern...I'm heading over to check it out now.

    Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend. ~Natalie

  2. The color of the yarn is beautiful and I love the pattern...almost, yes almost, makes me want to wash dishes ;-)


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