Monday, May 2, 2011

Lightbox Tweak and another Bunny photo

Howdy my dears, I am so loving my lightbox as I'm sure you can tell by all my zillion photos per post!  Ha!  Well, I ran across a problem one day when I made a super cute all white bunny.  White bunny on white paper did not work.  See here:

No matter what I did with photo editing, I could NOT make this work.  So I got to thinking (I do that sometimes....but I do try to conserve my scarce resources these days.......:)  I wondered - what about craft/scrapbook paper?  

And lucky frugal me, last night at Jo Ann's, most of their paper was 4/$1 rather than 59 to 69 cents!!  I stocked up and found all the "smooth" colors I thought I might need.  I love the textured paper but knew that would distract me on photo editing.  

Here is what I picked up:

Look how vibrant those colors are just from the lightbox!!  People - you need to make yourself one!!!  For those that missed it, here is the highly popular Lightbox Tutorial!!

So.....check out my bunny photos now!!

Note to self:  Cheri, please remember to pick up some small black beads for bunny eyes, because that little pom is just tooo big!

Oh, and for those interested, here is the FREE bunny pattern I used.



  1. Love the bunny and love how it looks on the purple paper! I need to go and read about the light box now....

    Have a blessed day!


  2. I just scored some great scrapbook/photo backdrop paper at JoAnn's too! What a good deal. The bunny really pops (or should I say hops?) against that purple paper.

  3. Beautiful! You're so creative. I've really got to get busy and build my own light box soon as I always want to take photo's early in the morning or late in the day.

  4. That is a great idea. Scrapbook paper! nice and cheap, you can get all sorts of colors.

  5. Ooohh... Definitely added the coloured paper to my list of supplies for when I make a light box! Your bunny is very cute too... but ya, that black pompom makes him look a little... umm rabid?! :)


Thanks so much for your lovely comments!