Friday, October 28, 2011

A Day in My Life

On the subject of building the house and being married to a detail guy....thought I'd share what happened yesterday....

Hubby wanted to run back by the builder spec of the floor plan we are building....and frankly, you'd think we live there already.  Anyhoo...he disappears in to the attic to "check something".  (We are truthfully stalking all the new builds our company has going on....we've been asked by neighbors if we are the one of us has to watch the building process one board at a time.......)

Turns out:

He noticed the copper tubing coming looked too he had gone on to research and found out that in fact, the contractor DID use the wrong size tubing on that home. He will now alert my builder (boss) to this mistake and make sure it doesn't happen to our home.  (May be an honest mistake....who knows...but the future homeowner will likely have issues with the air conditioner if that isn't corrected.)

And the shocker of the evening:

I am the visual's widely known if something needs to be explained to me, SHOW it to me.  Don't just verbally explain it....draw it, show it, have a video?  lol

So, hubs has been wanting to put the home theater type sound in the Hearth room and I kept saying it seemed too small....we'd be right up on the TV and shouldn't we put it in the living room?

He just seemed to ignore this.

So last night, we moved the spec home's couch exactly where he'd put our couch and guess what he said?

"Oh, wow...this is too close!"

Am I in the twilight zone?  MY husband had to be shown something visually?  lol  We had a good chuckle but finally did make a decision on where to put the home theater wiring.   Yay!

See, I have always been very obvious with my "high standard" ways.....and hubs just sat back and APPEARED easy going.....but only those who live with him or know him well KNOW he rivals me in high standards....just different topics.  lol   One of sons told me recently, "Mom, you have ruined me....I can't handle incompetence at's like I'm a freak".  Seems like I heard something similar from my best friend a few years ago...LOL.  Everyone just just do their best....just sayin'.....

And to think our company has clients who just walk in, sign a contract for a certain home plan, and then smile when it is done.  :)

Are you more visual or more detailed?  Or both?


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