Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Building and Humor..

First, where have I been?  Getting ready to build a house.  ARGH!!!  With an engineer.  That's just about enough said, huh.   And building with my new that's been interesting.....

We finally picked the house plan.....then...the tweaks/changes/additions started.  We're 3 meetings in and up to items totaling 60+.     Detailed folks are SO fun......

Here is the plan we chose BUT there are several huge of which is a side load garage (required by our new neighborhood but no problem with our 3/4 acre lot)....and hubs cannot handle that dormer over the garage, so an entire new elevation has been designed for him....bumping out the garage and adding a gable...

Westin Homes

We are gathering the estimates and will then decide just what we are going to far, almost everything.

Things like:

Full granite backsplash
Under cabinet lighting
Exterior lighting under the eaves
Lights in all closets
Choosing a different mantel than standard
Choosing a different front door glass insert

I could go on and on and on.....60+ times......  We WILL have a fabulous house when it gets done...

Anyhoo...I am WORN OUT and we're not even done yet.  As soon as we get this stuff figured out, I then have to pick color selections - which hubs says I have FULL control....I am putting this in writing so he remembers that!  I have been SO good....really....being in the middle isn't fun (an employee and a client???)....I've tried to stay mostly out of it...

Here are photos of our new street:

But I will have an opinion on colors....from brick to roof to wall colors to tile to hardwood...  Thankfully, we agree on everything so far.  Wonder if that will continue.  lol

Meanwhile, after I washed my hair tonight (after our walk at the park), I couldn't get my slipper on fully.  I walked all the way to the living room, trying to force my foot in that slipper.  It didn't work.

As I got to the couch, I supported myself so I wouldn't fall over (balance issues with the nerve damage) and pulled my slipper off.

Guess why my foot wouldn't go in?

A hair clip was in my slipper!!!!!!!!!

Can we say "Numb feet"?

Andy about fell over dying laughing.  It was funny, but then it wasn't too.  Kinda sad.  Bet he'd feel a large plastic hair clip in his slipper!

I needed some levity had to share.  lol

Anyone else build a house and have great advice other than "stay out of it"?



  1. Building a house really can be stressful. I remember standing in Home Depot for an hour and a half with my husband looking up at ceiling fans. We couldn't agree on what to get. We "needed" 2 in our living room. The funny thing is we didn't get them from Depot and to this day (9 years later) have only cut them on a couple times. ;) I have no advice.

  2. Congratulations on the big adventure. We built our house 23 yrs. My big piece of advice would be to keep a notebook of every decision, every meeting, every phone call, receipts and every visit to the building site. Even though the builder is your boss, there may be some questions and your notes will be your best memory. Pictures along the build will be icing on the cake.
    We never had an issue that couldn't be easily resolved by checking my notebook. Even our builder called me to verify dates on flooring orders, etc. We were rewarded at closing when he "gave us several extras". Builder said that it was the best experience that he had ever had.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. Amanda....this is the part I have never looked forward to and held out 24.5 years NOT building...."pick a fan any fan but keep it under $$$". Argh!!

    Beckie - that is a great idea. Hubs already created an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of his "tweaks" and that has been so helpful. All these items will be put on the plan so they get many to just leave to chance. Thanks!

  4. Congrats on building your new home. :)

  5. The house looks beautiful, and the neighborhood is charming. Best wishes along the way.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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