Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Love My Job!

I love people.

I have a intuition....

I love when I matter...when my job makes a difference.

I've been this way since my first the Corn Dog....yes....I wore those short shorts and strange hat..  Just not a lot of ways to perfect frying a corn dog.  lol  (I made darn good lemonade, though!)  And anyone remember Corn Cheese???  Fried cheddar cheese on a stick........oh my.

Closest picture I could find...I am talking early 1980's here....but cheese on a stick, dipped in batter and fried like a corn dog.......add mustard...YUM!
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Whether frying food or working with folks making the biggest financial decision of their lives, I bring my best best intention... I don't know how to do anything less... really wish more folks in sales had this attitude...maybe we'd have a better reputation, huh?
In real estate, I thrived.  Could work as hard as I wanted, set my own hours....and have missed most of it.   Especially working with families..  Never dreamed I'd be working exclusively for a builder.

When one of our lenders came to our sales meeting last week and knocked my socks off, I was energized for excited to be partnered with that level of excellence.  Andy just sat at lunch listening to my excited  He LOVES seeing this joy in me.  Some days, he just looks at me....lacking words....speechless that his wife went from "then" to now.  Who could have ever guessed?

When this job literally dropped out of the sky, I knew it was an answer to prayer and affirmations.

I had no idea HOW perfect it was going to be.

Everything I love....wrapped in to one job...



Amazing product

Connections with others.

On days like this, I come home SO energized...It isn't about the homes or the is about the people....

I would ask "How did I get this lucky?" but I know the answer.


"I have a wonderful work in a wonderful way.

I give wonderful service for wonderful pay."

Say it.

Mean it.

Believe it.

Then Enjoy!

Joy is contagious.....

Do you love what you do?  Are you filled with joy?



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