Thursday, May 3, 2012

House Building - New Photos

EngineerHubby added a LOT more concrete to the flatwork at the house but I love it.....have to get out there to get finished photos....

Finally a great representation of the Sherwin Williams Peppercorn paint in the formal dining room, which we LOVE.

Master Bedroom facing bathroom and bedroom doors.

Greatly widened driveway

View from front porch...

Out the back door.....added a sidewalk in the back, extended patio to end of house.

When are we closing?  Well.....EngineerHubby was talking to the Estimator/"One of the Head Honchos" and informed him we are in no hurry to close...just please make it perfect.  The Estimator told my boss he has never been asked that before.   :)))



  1. Wow! Would you look at that? I love how the house was painted from the interiors up to the exteriors. It exudes that kind of luxuriousness from the moment you take a look at it. By the way, how do you plan on putting your furniture in that house?

  2. How does your house look today? Well, after seeing what you and your EngineerHubby had done with the place, I bet it look amazing inside and out! The paint job looks amazing. The dining room certainly creates a classic yet elegant feel after being painted.

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