Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Dallas Cowboy Stadium

While in Dallas on our long holiday trip, we found out the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium offered tours during the day and we jumped at the chance, since not only affording tickets to a game plus traveling at just the right time just isn't in the cards any time soon.  lol  My sister and her boys also met us there.  We all had a blast - here are some photos:

Getting ready for the Cotton Bowl.

That's one heck of a TV screen!  The guide said that originally the screen was immobile.  But U2 came to have a concert and wanted it higher.  No problem, Jerry Jones said for a quarter of million bucks, he would make the screen movable.  And it's done!  Now it can be raised higher or lower.  Ha!

They were busy pounding rubber particles into the field, which adds up to an inch of cushion.  That's why we weren't allowed on the field that day and why you see black on the field and on the side lines.

Cotton Bowl Trophy.

Famous plays from the past on the glass.

How to way "WIN" in many ways.

You can see more of the black rubber particles from this view.

Probably the guys' favorite stop on the tour.  lol

Ryan, Trey and Wyatt with ridiculous grins.  So happy!

Wyatt down in one of the party rooms with an entrance to the field.

Fun day!  Tour was about an hour and a half, and tickets were $17, I believe. 


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