Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ryan's a happy guy tonight

To update, he finished the first semester of college with straight A's!!  Very proud of him!  The NWCC Golf Team is getting ready for their first tournament coming up February 8th, down near Hattiesburg, MS.  Ryan is very excited and looking forward to it.  Just hoping it isn't too cold.  He's been told he's #1 on the team for this meet.

Recent Photo after he went golfing.

The 2nd semester is up and running and Ryan met a really sweet girl in his Philosophy class.  He really liked her, but didn't know if it was mutual.  She was sick for a week, and he was hoping she had not dropped the class.  But she was back this week, and Ryan asked her to lunch today and she gladly accepted.  They hit it off, and got back together tonight for another meal and a movie.  Megan is 19 and is also a pre-pharmacy major.

Ryan just got back from their evening and he is glowing.........just can't believe how great everything seems to be.  Their interests, their personalities, what they like in others......all seem to be a perfect match.  I'll try to get a photo up here of the two of them soon.  She is coming by here on Friday, he thinks.  Can't wait to meet her - she sounds like a very neat girl.  Ryan describes her as gorgeous, with beautiful long brown hair, long legs (about 5'7) and gorgeous smile.  Says her personality is definitely bubbly and easy to talk to.  She has been working in a pharmacy in her hometown for 4 years now, and still works 3 days a week.

I'll keep you posted!


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