Friday, January 29, 2010

Ryan and Megan

Ryan brought Megan over for dinner tonight, even though we are in the middle of a bit of an ice storm.  What a delightful girl - we were very impressed.  Ryan has very good taste!  The biggest shocker of the night was Sweety LOVED her!  For those who know Sweety (the Pekingese), you know that very few females have EVER gotten approved.  And certainly not the first day!  Sweety was so happy we were able to remove her bark collar.

Megan is

In Pre-Pharmacy with Ryan
Met in a shared class
Has a Weimaraner puppy (who is already 60 lbs)
Works 3 days a week in a pharmacy in her hometown, about 30 minutes from here
Is a night owl, like Ryan

Very sweet, beautiful smile, felt like we've known her forever.  A great evening!

These two have been inseparable since mid-week and are having a blast together.  Quite the happy, handsome couple!  Don't you agree?

Have a great day!


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