Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dry Eyes - Update

It is so weird to me now, thinking I was getting the "middle age" eye sight issues, when in fact, I was suffering from Dry Eyes - click to learn more about this condition.  I had bought 3 pairs of "cheaters" glasses and had to use them if I wanted to read anything with small print.  I was noticing even that wasn't helping, but again, didn't think it was anything I could "fix".

It's been over a month now since my diagnosis, and here is my routine:

During the day, I use Genteal Gel Drops, 4 times a day.  These are available at any drugstore or places like W.almart.  I have another brand I keep in my purse, but can't remember now what that is.  It was on sale, so I am trying it.   In other words, I keep some eye drops with me at all times.

I am using the drops for moderate to severe dry eye for now.  And at night, I use Systane Nighttime Eye Lubricant Gel(Also available at drugstores and places like W.almart.)  My doctor stressed that it is imperative to use the lubricating GEL at bedtime.

This is an actual gel, and I use about a 1/4 inch right as I go to bed in each eye.  After putting it in, I cannot see, so it is nighty night time.  lol  I then put on my favorite eye mask of all time, this one from Target.  It has a cushy extra roll at the base, and I use this to hold my eyes shut.  My opthamoloist remains convinced I must be sleeping with my eyes slightly open, even though I NEVER sleep without my eye mask.  I must be really talented.  lol  If I weren't getting better, I would start taping my eyelids down, at her suggestion.  Can you imagine?

If you have ever slept with a mask but aren't in love with them, try this one - it is so comfy.  

You can't tell from the photo, but on the underside towards the bottom, it has an extra cushy roll of foam that either sits on top of your nose, or in my case, I put it directly on top of my eyes.  The strap around the head is adjustable, and it is frankly the most comfortable sleep mask I have ever used. 

So, doing all this I was improving dramatically.  Until I started wearing eye liner again.  And it wasn't just any eyeliner, it just so happened to be the eyeliner I bought for the first time around the time all this started.   (A new brand by Loreal.)  UGH!   I'm allergic to so much else, why I never stopped and put two and two together.  Well.......just DUH!  In the end, I found ONE eyeliner I have that does not cause problems, so I threw the rest away so I wouldn't slip up and use any again.  The one that causes no problems is from Jane Iredale Cream to Powder EyeLiner.

This is not the shade I have - I use the Black/Brown Plus, and this is the Black Plus.  I've had this over a year, though, so I know THAT is not good.  I'll need to get more or find a cheaper one that works as well.  This is VERY creamy and goes on smoothly and lasts all day.   Andy treated me to a spa visit and I got a free makeup application during that.  We did purchase this product at that time.

With Dry Eyes, most people feel pain and the pain causes them to seek medical advice.  If I have eye pain, it doesn't register with my brain due to all the other pain I have 24/7, so I'm learning again and again I HAVE to be super aware and not ignore things!!!  I literally have multiple dry spots all over my corneas and that just isn't good, BUT I am happy to report I AM getting much better.  I can actually read things now without my cheater glasses, if I have to.  Yay!!

Moral of the story as we age:  Do not assume eye blurriness is that "old age" business.  It could be something like Dry Eyes, which is very treatable and dangerous to eyesight if it goes too far along.  At one point, after wearing some of the "bad" eyeliner all day, I could barely see at all.  My entire world was blurry and the glasses had no effect.  It was very scary that day and that is what led me to have an "Ah hah" moment and go wash my eyes thoroughly.  Within an hour, I could see so much better and that started my investigation into the eye makeup - liners, mascara and shadows.   I am also now going to be very careful about discarding eye makeup as recommended by professionals - usually after 6 months.   Losing my eye sight is NOT worth saving a buck here and there!   Learn from my mistakes! 

Have a glorious day and be thankful for good eyesight if you have it!


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