Monday, August 30, 2010

Ingenious TV Nook Idea

Yes, it has been 3 weeks since we moved and we are just now getting the TV figured out.  Until now, it sat on the piano bench in front of the fireplace.  Hey, we're taking it easy.  lol
Being married to an engineer has its perks, let me tell you.  We had this  TV nook area that was too small for our flat screen TV.  Here is the before picture:

In this photo, I have floral decor in the nook at the moment.
Our options included buying a swinging arm that would permanently attach deep inside the nook and allow our TV to be mounted and sit outside the nook.  Or we could have attached the TV to either side of the nook, also making an ugly and permanent mount for this rental.  Some of this hardware would definitely alter the walls and are not cheap:

If this were our permanent home, we'd make a different choice.  But what to do in a rental?

One night while watching TV, Andy jumped up and ran to the home improvement store.  He came back with some pieces of wood, one being a round table top (I believe).  I just stared at him - I'm the kind of girl who just can't picture things, so draw me a diagram or something!  lol

I think his idea was ingenious - he screwed the round table top into the nook and the table top extends out, the perfect amount for out TV to sit on.  And when we move, we just remove the screws and the table top and no one will know the difference.  NO marks to repair in the sheetrock!!  Check this out:

Now, at this point, I was worried the TV was going to fall right off, so hubby made sure it was secure.

See those tiny screws?

I'm so proud of my hubby!  I think it is perfect.  We will be painting the wood either white to match the shelf below or black to match the TV base.  What do you recommend?

Now, I have to show you this final picture.  I am in my "nest", where I spend most of the day reclined.  (See my feet?  lol)  My computer adjustable desk pulls right up to me (on the right) and with that TV so high, I feel like I am at a drive-in movie.  lol
We have our home theater chairs also in the living room, so basically 4 recliners, which is a good thing with the TV nook this high.  lol
We are also having to improvise with my "nest", as our former home had laminate flooring and this laptop desk moved easily.  Now on carpet, and my lack of ability to twist or pull with any strength, we had to rig something up to work.  So a large piece of plywood now sits under my chair - here is the gruesome photo I took without any staging (lol):

I can't get too upset - this IS my life nowadays.  It doesn't look this bad when I am in the chair, which is most all the time unless I have errands to run.  (Staying off my back and being reclined keeps my nerves in less pain, which allows me to "build up" stamina to live my life when I have things to do.)   Should I paint the plywood some cool colors to look like a cool rug?  Without the plywood, and my lack of strength and inability to twist to deal with it, the desk tips and my drink and other items hit the floor.  Not good.  The guys are tired of cleaning it up, since I can't get on the floor, to bend or lean down to clean it myself.  

This was much better disguised at the other house, as I was up against the wall and many of the small items were down out of sight:

See my chair and table in the far corner, with a blanket covering up the printer?

Imagine if this were your life.  OK, now go back to your annoying details and feel better about it!  lol  It could be worse, and I am truly thankful I can function as I can.

Anyone notice we went from gorgeous color to beige walls, beige chairs, beige carpet?  ARGHH.  I love and miss my color!!
P.S.  As our oldest has made an unexpected move back home, the sunroom now became what he calls his "fake" bedroom.  lol    Hopefully can come up with a better plan for his clothes than what we have currently.


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  1. OK.... I think Andy's idea was great too! Oddly enough, even though he's not an engineer, T. has been known to just jump up in the middle of something and run off to Lowes or Home Depot and come home with something to make some situation work that isn't currently working. Must be a "man thing". Seriously...

    Where our minds are contemplating 10 different problems at one time, they seem to have these one track, single focused minds that just keep turning over a specific dilemma until the solution hits them. It's why they are such horrendous multi-taskers! LOL

    If it was me, I'd paint the base under the TV black to match it. There's already plenty of "beige space" at the bottom so adding another light color would just increase that gap. Painting it black should help to close that gap a bit and it would just blend in as though it was part of the TV base. (If that makes any sense? lol)

    Also, painting the board under your nest to look like an area rug is brilliant! Just get those handsome boys of yours to prop it up out in the garage (if you have one) so that you can work your magic. I'd definitely put several coats of matte poly on it, so as to keep the rolling desk, etc. from wearing off the paint. Using acrylics probably wouldn't hurt either. OR,

    If you can't decide on a design to draw out yourself, maybe you could find some sassy decorative paper and get an industrial sized vat of mod podge and go to town! OK.... I'm getting way too excited about someone else's project here! LOL

    Obviously, being a sister CP'er, I fully understand your "command center" and why it just has to be that way. Nothing like living day after day with pain to make you keenly aware of the "little things" that others take for granted. Either way, best of luck with whatever you decide to do. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know just because I've seen what you can do, that it will be lovely.
    Peace and Blessings, Martha ;~)


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