Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shopping Score at Marshall's!

So the other day on a mostly weekly field trip to my favorite store, Marshall's (you know, the hubs has to take me since I don't drive much with the nerve damage and all).  We joke and refer to it as "taking the recliner girl to town for some sights".  lol

Anyhoo....I saw a fancy dress in a beautiful color - eggplant, with lovely flouncy layers all the way down it, and knew it would be perfect for my body style (which is quite top heavy!)

I carried it around like I always do - the "pretend I'm gonna buy it but just before I leave, I put everything back" plan?  (Strangely, I get the same satisfaction as if I truly buy it?  Have you ever tried that?  Seriously - try it!)

OK, back to the story - so I'm carrying this dress around in my cart (have to have a cart for stability, even if I put nothing but my purse in it....don't ya know....) and hubs says  -"Honeybun, go try that on."  (He calls me Honeybun - 'cause I'm sweet like one.  lol)

What??  Wait a minute - he is deliberately prolonging this visit?  Does he have a fever???  lol  He has perfected his "follow her around in case she needs something off a lower shelf, but don't sigh out loud, don't roll your eyes, and say "uh huh" every now and then" persona.  And did I mention that since I rarely leave the house and have this new "relax and enjoy life" life plan, these visits to stores are casual, relaxed and apparently, I lose all sense of time.  (Sorry baby!!)

I did go try it on, but honestly, where would I wear such a dress?  

Well, he LOVED it, as in L.O.V.E.D this dress.  He said I had to buy it for the spectacular price of $39.99!

I told him that's nice and all, but where would I wear it?  And then he laid it on me - he's gonna take me on a cruise some day.  (This after I ask and ask and almost book a cruise, to be told by him he'd never want to go on a cruise, but I digress........)

(I'd post a photo of this amazing dress, but it is currently already at the new place and I'm still at the old place.  We're moving - read HERE.)

But what shoes would I wear with this beautiful dress?  Not the Dansko shoes I showed HERE (at the bottom of that post).  NO NO NO.

I decided to watch as I shopped weekly (knowing this "cruise" is likely eons away anyway....) and today, lo and behold, I found a pair of eggplant shoes!!!!!!  And flats!!!!  So I won't fall and break my legs like THESE shoes might cause.  Could it be?  The perfect shoes?  
I grabbed the shoes and ran over to the dresses, frantically looking for just one dress to still be there - IT WAS!!  Here is the fantabulous photo I snapped - isn't it just an amazing photo of superb quality and staging?

Look at how the beads are the same color even????  Now you know I loved taking photos of myself in shoes (gotta chronicle these legs and their tan in case in my later years I also become bottom heavy and want to reminisce at these legs of yesteryear...........) so took more photos:

Guess I got some chigger bites there on my ankle, please ignore.  Well, actually, it's probably those attacking ant bites from the ones who keep landing in the pool.  Grrrr....

These are a little big - notice you can't see my toes in the little "peep toe" area, but they don't fall off and they are SUPER SAFE for this graceful wonder (NOT!).
Do you think these shoes were made especially for this dress?  How lucky am I??  (Keep in mind, I can't wear sexy shoes, no heels, nothing I would LOVE to given those parameters, isn't this pretty great?  :)

Now, any tips on how to get this "non-cruise loving but promising a cruise" wonderful guy to take me on one?  Or where else could I go to wear this dress?  lol

We could always have a pretend date and I could wear it around the house.  That might be fun    Or not.

So now I'm back in my recliner, chronicling my big day.  Don't ya love it when you find just what you're looking for?  :)

Keep smiling - you never know who needs one!


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