Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Fall Haircolor

Taken with my iPhone 4, sorry about quality.


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  1. Love the new shade. It's very warm and it goes very nicely with your skin tone. I like the layers too. I know you've had layers for a while, but in this pic it seems to be a little more-so. Yes? No?

    I'm actually going a shade lighter with my next coloring, but still a warm tone. They say that women should stay/go with lighter shades as we age because dark hair tends to show fine lines and wrinkles more.

    I don't know if that theory holds true for all women, but when I went from a dark brown to a lighter golden brown a year or so ago, everyone said that I looked 10 (or more) years younger. Made my day! So I'm sticking with it! Plus the lighter shades don't show the gray as much in between coloring. I call that a win/win situation!



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