Sunday, November 28, 2010

When Your Gallbladder is Mad at You......

Yes, that is the title.  lol  2 years ago, I had become bloated, a little swollen but it was the holidays after all,  and I suspected I had eaten too much.  Well, the DAY AFTER this photo was taken, I was in the ER and later to have a 12 day hospitalization dealing with acute pancreatitis and having my gallbladder removed. 

I had been feeling OK, not great but not bad either.  However, when I ate potatoes, I would feel HORRIBLE.  That is about the only "odd" thing that preceded that attack. 
The swelling went down fairly quickly - all over my body, really, but mostly obvious in my face/neck/shoulders.  

What a difference 2 years makes.  I cannot believe these photos!  I swear my weight is not more than 12 lbs different in these photos, but see what:

1.  Having a happy or removed gallbladder does for you
2.  Longer hairdo elongating a wide face
3.  Different, brighter hair color

Can you see the difference in bloating/swelling in my face, neck and upper shoulders?

December, 2008

December, 2010
December, 2008

December, 2010
(Men, they don't change.  Lucky dudes.)

Edit:  Men DO change!  Duh - forgot to show what hubs looked like when HIS gallbladder was acting up.  SAME thing - he bloated up, his tummy felt like a rock hard bouncing balloon.  I swear, if I bumped in to it, I bounced a few feet away.  We joked for a while, but I was getting concerned.  He also had lots of burping.  2 months after this photo, he was doubled over, again at the holidays (eating rich foods is definitely a trigger) and he had his removed also.  He lucked out and did NOT get acute pancreatitis, though.

October, 2007 - 2 months before gallbladder attack and removal.

3 days AFTER surgery - where did the bloat go??

We had our gallbladders our almost 12 months apart.  Aww, how cute.  Not.

 Just my Public Service Announcement that SOMETIMES, you aren't fat.  Your gallbladder is out to get you!

Oh, and if you find yourself with horrid stomach pains that double you over but you are trying to be tough?  Please don't.  I delayed about 18 hours getting to the ER and in that time, I developed acute pancreatitis from the blockage.  I was very lucky I ended up being OK from what my liver numbers were upon admittance.  12 days later, I was SO glad to go home! 

Have a glorious day!

P.S.  I'm having trouble with the text size, so I apologize if this looks odd on your screen.



  1. Thank you for sharing this info. I think, typically, women do try to ignore a lot of stuff just so they can get a lot of other stuff done. The before & after are amazing. You are a lovely young woman in both, but you are stunning in the later pic. Also, thank you for becoming a follower.

  2. Interesting you had your gallbladder out and got less "puffy."

    I had mine out several years ago now, only unlike you my attacks were sudden, severe, and followed every bite of food I ate.

    I am a science teacher, so I KNEW the gallbaldder stored bile and that bile helps with the digestion of fat, so I HOPED having that puppy out WOULD make me slim up.

    I'm still hoping - - - have been for close to 10 years now - - - I hope, I hope, I hope - - -


  3. You look great! The pictures look like you got YOUNGER!! LOL Following you now too! :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing!!I have gall stones and hae blown up like a balloon!! Especially in the face/neck/shoulders. My stomach, too,is bouncy. I figured it was from the nursing (Ijust had a baby). I don't have insurance currently as I am staying home while my oldestchild isundergoing testing and services for autismand I am a single mom with a wonderful, understandin, family. I am glad to see that my wieght gain is most likely from the gall stones and will look into ways of having the surgery done. Thankyou again!!

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