Sunday, November 7, 2010

Living Room Reveal

Well, I am finally getting around to posting these photos of our new room - the room we LOVE!! (For newcomers, we are renting this condo and are "stuck" with the colors of the walls, carpet, etc.  These walls are actually a beige, but come off sometimes butter yellow in different photos.)   If you remember, I mentioned the issue surrounding the zebra print rug I wanted and how hubs misunderstood the concept?   HERE   

So, I looked around and realized I had never posted a full photo of the living room at all - in all it's beige on beige on beige self!  Beige carpet, beige walls, beige furniture.  For ALL who know me, beige is NOT one of my colors!  lol

As you can tell, I really cleaned up prior to taking that photo!  lol

So, we knew we loved the rug but what else to do in the room?  These chairs had seen better days (when we had a home theater in a former home), weren't reclining that great and the kicker?  They were TEN FEET LONG!  (I worked my Craigslist magic and sold them for $400 cash in one day, almost exactly half the cost of the new set and we still have another couch to sell!!  Woo Hoo!!)  Those chairs look nice but were loosy goosy, wouldn't hold their position and after years of abuse from the boys, weren't fun to sit in and I couldn't even get in and out of them without assistance.  Not working!

So are you ready?  Are you ready to see the furniture set we sat in for over 18 months EVERY SINGLE TIME we went to Sam's Club?  And then sat in reclining sofa sets all over the Mid South for the last 6 months - with our new frugal ways, taking months and months to decide on what to buy, being ever so sure?  And then, when we finally purchased it, my wonderful hubs got them down an additional $100 bucks? 


Andy is SO happy - he got his reclining furniture in his beloved dark chocolate leather!  That reclining (on both ends) sofa and recliner were a steal of a deal - we got $100 off the already low price AND once we sell our old red couch this set will have cost us...........$200.  Wowza!!

Now, for the astute out there - I'm sure you noticed the oddly placed refrigerator in the kitchen and I explained HERE that we have 3 refrigerators - 2 in our kitchen and 1 in the garage.  One refrigerator has the ice where I can reach it and the other one has the food where I can reach it.  No, that is seriously the truth BUT we didn't buy a refrigerator just for that.  See, that lovely fridge in that photo was not cheap - a cabinet depth beauty that my engineer hubby HAD to have at a former house and I'll be darned if we're gonna sell it for cheap.  That puppy is coming with us!  So, in this large galley kitchen, we are making use of it, helping my "can't bend, lift or twist" limitations.   LOL  Only us......

Now, back to the living room.  What else do you sharp-eyed devils see? new internet "station"?  Remember this photo from when we had just moved in?

Oh the horror!  We had to use plywood to get the wheels to scoot.  See, I live in that chair - fully reclined most days... to keep pressure off my severely damaged S1 nerves on both legs.  But, my goodness - could that look any worse?  And the color - BEIGE DEATH!  lol

So I want you to notice the new set up!   I had big plans of painting the plywood to blend in with the new rug when Andy remembered we could take off the wheels of the adjustable laptop desk and leave it stationary!  With me in the end of the sofa instead of the stand alone recliner, I don't need to worry about "rocking" and movement.  Genius!  Can you even SEE my table and laptop??

How about that!  Shouldn't we get a "most improved" award or something.  lol

Now, because this post isn't long enough, one thing is missing.....see that bare window back there?  I think it's time for another Window Mistreatment!!  Yes, it is!!

I will be adding a tutorial very shortly on not only HOW to do that window mistreatment, but the thought process behind picking the fabric, trim, etc.

Remember this view of the sunroom (now Ryan's unplanned bedroom)?

Well, THAT was just not going to do.  (See that red couch we are selling soon.)  I found a set of drapes for $14.99 at Burlington Coat Factory, lined drapes!  Got a shower curtain rod and used my favorite Stitch Witchery to hem the drapes to the perfect length.  Voila'!  Privacy for Ryan!

That white/blue orb is from the camera, and probably not a visiting ghost.  lol

I've read recently online about so many bloggers who are jazzing up their homes but have a moratorium on reclining furniture and just aren't going to allow it in their home.  Well, folks...that's not us.  My husband had been dreaming of dark leather reclining furniture for years and I'm just not gonna tell this hard workin' man he can't have his comfy preferences.   For now and probably forever - comfort it is!

Want a new look but don't know where to start?  In my real estate days, I told all my clients - find THE rug, the rug you LOVE.  Everything will fall into place after that.  And here is my latest proof of that.  *Check back for detailed instructions on the newest window mistreatments!  Now sewing required!

P.S.  Do you know why I finally got this posted tonight?  We started putting up our Christmas tree today!!  Since we can't travel this year due to hubby's work schedule, we're doing up the decorations full swing this year...haven't done that in quite a while.  Of course, photos to come.

Have a glorious day!



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