Monday, November 15, 2010

Keeping It Real

I should start a little theme on my blog with this title  - "Keeping it Real", for posts that show how I really live, the ins and outs of dealing with a disability to limits physical ability.    For today, I want to show you something my hubby found for me that I just love.  It was at Lowe's in the holiday section -
Lowe's Indoor Wireless Remote System
Here is the remote in use:

This is me, reclined as usual, how I spend my days unless I have to go somewhere.  Keeps the S1 nerves nice and calm and not flared.  (I suffer nerve damage - info Here and Here and Here.) So, from my seat, I can now turn on the lamp near me, the Christmas tree lights and the garland on the fireplace mantle.  After the holiday season, we can switch it to all the lamps in the living room, etc.  But without getting up or leaning and straining, I can now enjoy my living room options.  See my cute red slippers?  lol

For $19.98, he changed my life in a huge way.  Don't you love loving husbands who are always thinking of you?  I do.  I am very lucky in that regard.

A little "funny" - so today, I go to turn on my lamp.  I lean way over and turn the knob again and again, but no light.  Have Holt come out to help  me, he double checks everything is plugged in, unscrews the light bulb and replaces it, the the old one is not "loose inside".  So then he mentions some device under the table where everything is plugged in and I remember - the Remote!  Sure enough, I click it and the light comes on.  So just a little glitch - hubs got it all set up and forgot to tell me WHAT was on the remote.  lol  Or maybe he did but I was paying great attention.   I'll take the blame.  lol  :)

Do you know someone who is disabled or otherwise could use this?  Could be a great holiday gift idea!  Click the link under the photo from Lowe's to go to the product.

Have a glorious day!


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