Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Paint Color Party!

One of my favorite topics is paint color and the effect on mood!  Where I would guess most people worry about matching furniture, making the general public happy when painting, I consider the effect of color on the mood of those in our house.  (You’ve heard about the prison who painted all the walls pink?)
So, that said, through the years in our 6 states and 14 hours, we’ve had opportunity to live with and paint different colors here and there.   The new trend of light blues/grays are beautiful but not sure if our style.  We are currently renting, so no painting for a while.  Therefore, I share my favorite colors from the past.
Pittsburgh Paint Carob Chip
When deciding on a purple shade, I’m sure a groan emits……not wanting it to look like a  funhouse, but a rich, eggplant color.  I found this at the bottom of a “brownish” paint chip – Carob Chip.
Entry office
This was my office and had been painted 3 times in one year.  It was navy blue when we moved in:
Blue office
I hated this.  Could not function.  Turned my brain “off”.  lol  So then I tried to play nice and paint it taupe:
Beige office 1
After painting it taupe, I was literally sad.  Terribly sad and didn’t know why.  It was then that I realized COLOR has a huge impact.  I spent a lot of time thinking about what color would I love to paint, whether it was practical or not.  Since this was also technically a formal dining room, I knew I could be bold.  I chose Carob Chip, crossed my fingers and voila’!  It was amazing. 

Pittsburgh Paint Raspberry Truffle
Another color we stumbled on was seen in a home on the real estate tour one day (I am a licensed real estate agent, inactive due to disability.)  I was super lucky when my husband fell in love with it and asked to paint it in our bedroom.  I would venture to say this surprises his side of the family – that he would venture away from the safe colors  - but he is VERY affected by color and I’ve learned that making him happy color-wise goes a long way to marital bliss.  :)   Please IGNORE carpet color – house came with this and we saved our pennies until we could replace it.  We treated it as a neutral.  ;)
Master bedroom color b
Master bedroom color

May 2007 photos 030
Same color – different house – different lighting.  We hadn’t finished the trim yet.  It never felt “peach-based” which I think it looks like in this photo.  I had to push for the neutral bedding.  Our bedding currently, at once again my husband’s request, is a bright RED.  Yes, of course, red is known to be a calming color.  Ha!  Not!  But he likes it and if he’s happy, we’re all happy. 

I’m joining the Paint Party over here:



  1. Found your blog from the paint party. Thanks for sharing all these great paint colors!

  2. Wow! I love seeing the same rooms in so many different colors. It's always great when you finally find one you love! It looks great. Thanks so much for joining the party.

  3. Brave girl, you are not afraid of color. The best part is knowing exactly what speaks to you and works for your family! Pass the trends and keep it real... I love your boldness!

  4. Thank you for the link to the paint party! This was the 1st I'd heard of it :p

  5. I have really had the urge to paint since the first of the year.
    That is the point when I get confused-
    Thanks for the tips on colors!
    Those are great-

    White Spray Paint

  6. Our walls are "white" and "eggshell." I'm scared of committing to color. I decorate with colorful things, but can't seem to get it on the walls. I really liked your eggplant color. It looked nice.


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