Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bra Sizing Adventure

"They" say 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  I believe it.  I know for me, I've changed dramatically in size from pre-kids to after kids.  Thought I was adopted there for a while (right Mom!  lol)  but I finally bloomed.  And took pictures to prove it!  Ha!

And what about gals whose "girls" are all nice and tidy front and center and then others of "us" need, well............more support............have spillage................need................more ..........cup capacity?   (Hey!  I found that term on HerRoom!)

I had heard about such a bra - the Le Mystere "Dream Tisha" bra and when I saw it on Rue La La, I was intrigued.  I DO NOT pay $69 for bras, so until the deal at Rue La La, there was NO chance I'd ever try that bra.

 The above picture is the Le Mystere Dream Tisha Full Busted 9955 (sizing from 32C to 44H)

It also comes in Le Mystere Dream Tisha 955 (sizing  from 30 - 38DD).

Can't decide?  Here is a comparison of the bras:  Comparison

However, having never tried this bra on, I had to do some research to decide what to order.  First time around, I read up on the fancy sites that give detailed per brand instructions, and learned that for this bra to do the amazing job it can, the band must be SUPER TIGHT, that you can barely fit a finger through.  I measured myself per the Le Mystere instructions -  I then ordered a band size smaller than normal and my usual cup size.  That bra came and fit great, the "girls" looked great, BUT the band was a little loose.

The sale came up again (Rue La La is an online boutique that offers daily private sales that last just a little while - you can email per day to see what is on sale each day.  Sign up is free - these are my referral link, thank you very much!) and thought I'd order a smaller size.

So, here is where the "we all wear the wrong size" misinformation comes in.

Did you know......

 If you must go DOWN in band size
You must go UP in cup size?

Example:  Let's say you try on your "normal" 38C in a bra.  The band is loose around your back but the cup size is ok.  So, you need to go down to a 36C, right?  WRONG.  You need to go to a 36D!!  

38C = 36D

Additionally, the band should go horizontal around your back.  If you look sideways in the mirror and the band is riding up in the back, it is the wrong size - go a band size smaller.

For firm support on fuller figures, the band is the MAIN player - and must be firm and tight.....makes all the difference.  You will get used to it quickly because the "girls" will be SO comfy, not moving, just snug as a bug in a rug!

I had previously ordered a "D" cup.  It fits good, but not as specified.  I need the band size tighter but the cup size was fine, so I knew to order down a band size.  But according to the sizing info, I must then order an "E" cup size?  YIKES!

I went online to HerRoom and had an online chat with a customer service representative (having ordered from them before but not using their chat service) and double checked....YES, I must order an "E" - he told me the cup size would be slightly smaller than the "D" I own now.  Huh.  Interesting.

This is why we are all wearing the wrong size bra.  I would NEVER have ordered an "E" or even a "DD" which is what an "E" is in other brands.  I was wearing a "C" several years ago with a much larger band size....and not comfortable.  Wrong wrong wrong. 

Anyhoo.....that bra came yesterday and it fits AMAZING.  Ladies, have you ever walked in the room and your husband's head whipped around and his eyes popped out?  Well......try this bra and see if you don't get that reaction!!

I wanted to mention regarding Rue La La - they have an amazing return program if the item CAN be returned (these bras cannot unless defective).  However, you can order rest assured that if you are unhappy, they bend over backwards to help you.  I've been very pleased.  You just cannot beat their prices.  

So, how many of you knew to go up a cup size if you went down a band size?  (Not in the case of weight loss, but if trying on different brands and needed to get a tighter band).



  1. Hi Cheri! I found your blog a few weeks ago and was immediately drawn to it. I am also a chronic pain sufferer and blogger. I haven't been too faithful with my blogging lately but I am trying to get back into the groove. Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I am enjoying your blog and your beautiful decorating!!!

  2. Great information! Tks for sharing. Who knew there was a band size? I'm going to check this site out immediately.

    Can sympathize with back pain....had surgery to have a disc replaced last year and feels soooo much better. Hope you're doing well :)

  3. Believe it or not, but has good prices on these bras! They sell so much more than just books that I always check to see if they sell any item I might consider buying. Check it out!

  4. Thanks Annette - I can't believe what all can be found on Amazon these days - we bought almost all our Christmas presents off that site! Incredible prices - I hadn't even thought to check the bras there. Love the feedback feature as well.

    Amy and Petie - sorry to hear of your back and/or pain issue as well. This bra really helps with posture and I think then improves pain from that.


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