Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do You Know Your Apology Language?

Apology Language?  HUH??  I did not know there was such a thing!  Someone posted about it on another site and I was intrigued.  Sure enough, it is related to "The 5 Love Languages".  

Did you know there are 5 "types" of apologies?  And if we have a preferred style, then we can have difficulties accepting and giving apologies with our spouse if their style differs?  I had no idea!!

I took the 20 question test and found out I score 50/50 on 

Accepting Responsibility 


Expressing Regret.

I had ZERO on the other 3 choices!  I wonder now if my husband's apologies might come in those forms and based on what I learned reading the questions and choices, I had many "A HA" moments.  Other choices were 

Making Restitution
Genuinely Repenting
Requesting Apology

And something that was really freaky - one of the questions was an EXACT problem I have in my life, right this second, and it made me stop and consider, just how would I like it to be resolved (from the other person). 

I really encourage you to take this test and just see.  Maybe you will be surprised as I was!

Let me know what your "types" were!  I have a feeling that wives and moms of aspies (Asperger's) are high on the "Accepting Responsibility" choice.  This IS our life.



  1. I enjoy taking quizzes like this. Thanks for sharing! I scored very similar to you: 11 on Accepting Responsibility and 9 on Expressing Regret. Very interesting!

  2. Hey Cheri! Thanks so much for being my newest follower and I'm so glad you liked my story on my heat/air. God is SO good! :)
    I took the apology quiz and got an 11 on Accepting Responsibility and a 9 on Expressing Regret. Hmmmm.....I never really thought about how I would like someone to apologize to me before. I guess I just want people to own up to their mistakes and not just leave me hanging! lol
    My son just read the 5 love languages for school and took a test on it. (he's going to school to be a pastor and is getting his credentials and will be ordained in a couple of years in the Assemblies of God) I should get him to take this test too!
    Thanks for the test taking fun, I'm sure I'll remember this test the next time I'm offended. :)


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