Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Randoms

Today is my "Saturday"...since I went full-time....see, I forgot to even mention here that I've gone full-time at my job.......I will work most weekends.  So Monday and Tuesday (most weeks) will be "my weekend".

I'm loving working...just opened the new model home...that allowed them to take me full-time...have sold 3 houses so far...more in the works... so fun.

Our home is chugging along....still just dirt...ground is so wet, they are switching to a "block and fill" foundation.....that is making EngineerHubby happy..

Speaking of EngineerHubby....he has discovered some old Star Trek series on Netflix  (Star Trek : Enterprise) and it is ALL ( and I do mean ALLLLLLLL) we have been watching.....  So, I'm mostly listening to Captain Archer (I rarely WATCH TV....I have things I do on the computer and I listen....) and something is saying, "who is this guy....." over and over and finally last night, I GOT IT!!

He's the failed TV wanna be dude off "Men of a Certain Age"!!!

Silly trivia...but my goodness, much Star Trek can one man ingest?????  (This one originally aired between 2001 and 2005...)

Took WEEKS to choose our flooring for the new house.  EngineerHubby said, "It is 100% YOUR choice, honey....pick whatever you want" and then proceeded to "have an opinion" on every single choice.....despite me reminding him what he never clicked. Starting 25 years ago during the wedding planning, EngineerHubby has had to have a say in every single itty bitty detail over every single thing in our life........I just accept it nowadays.  When he assured me it was all MY choice after he had the 92 tweaks and changes to the house, I knew better than to believe him.....

So, the tile we finally decide on TOGETHER  (cough cough) is discontinued.  Of course it is.  So we go look at the tile I have wanted all along.....the tile EngineerHubby not only did not like but recruited other clients who were visiting the showroom to agree how awful it would be...ganging up on me despite it being in MANY IS neutral and yesterday, guess who now loves this tile and claims to have always loved it and what am I talking about????????????

Seriously.  Losing my molars here........  grind....grind.....

To balance things, In "Wonderful EngineerHubby" news, we ran back to SteinMart to return an item he bought me for Christmas and as I was browsing, he called me over to a rack of the PERFECT shirt for me....Dolman sleeves, drapey, gorgeous bright colors and even one print......these shirts are so comfy and perfect for work and......$14.99!!  His attention to detail that sometimes drives me crazy also brings wonderful "like having my very own personal shopper" benefits!   Woo Hoo!!

I am seriously addicted to House of Turquoise and wish I had the guts to paint my home in these gorgeous shades.....too bad I'm the only girl......maybe one room, one of these days......

If you haven't tried that $2.97 mascara from Walgreens I mentioned, you MUST.    Jordana Best Lash Extreme...found to the left or right of the beauty counter register.   I sent one to my mother and she loved it....couldn't believe it was under $3!!

Oh, "fancy granite" has been secured with a massive deposit and will be in our new is a photo if the final slab of Yellow River Granite we  (*cough cough*) chose:

We will get to choose how they lay out the cabinets...and will definitely be "booking" the countertop with the full granite backsplash...I cannot wait....I WILL be laying on this granite with tears of joy...this was the one thing I was able to add (after all EngineerHubby's tweaks and changes, we had a little room for something I might want that was "extra"  This will go in kitchen and all bathrooms except powder room.

See how this granite veining continues up the backsplash???  This is called "Booking".

Think that about covers it....Hope you have a great week!



  1. LOL!! I wonder if our hubby's were separated at birth?!! Seriously, your post sounded like something out of my life!! I love your granite and I'm with you on that turquoise color - would love it!

    On a side note, I have been watching NetFlix, too, but not Star Trek...I've been watching and hooked on Battlestar Galactica! LOL I know! Just call me a's true.

    Blessings - Julie

  2. I liked your blog, thanks for sharing this.


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