Sunday, March 14, 2010

23rd Anniversary!

We met in July, 1986.  I was out with my best friend Holly and she met her husband that night as well.  

We married in March, not quite 8 months later.  It's been 23 years now and seems like just yesterday some days.

 Silk flowers were required due to hubby's massive allergies but they were pretty! 

We've lived in 5 states and 15 residences/moves.  We might not have made this last move, but my health dictated the need to live near neurosurgeons.   Are we settled where we live now?  We hope not, but just might be, as hubs loves his job. Always planned to get back to Texas, though, and just haven't managed it yet.   Who knows what the future holds, but we do know we'll be together, whatever life brings, and that is an amazing feeling!  I pray everyone finds that someone in their life that will be there through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, in sickness or in health.   I think we've tested each one of those - certainly no smooth sailing through the years.  But at the end of the day, when you look at your spouse and feel blessed, then what more is there in life?  There is nothing better.

We not only made a covenant before God 23 years ago, but hubby surprised me with the renewing of our vows at year 10.  That stinker!  I didn't see that one coming - and we had a full wedding, reception and wonderful 2nd honeymoon to Hearst Castle in California.   I was literally shocked!  The full story is found HERE.  

I was told we were going to a very important business dinner and we were running very late.  By the time we pulled up to the church, I was a mess, worried about how late we were.   (We had to "stall" so my family had time to get dressed and get to the church while hubs and some friends ran all kinds of insane errands, driving me absolutely insane.  lol)   The parking lot was deserted but he ran in to "talk to someone".  At a deserted church. OKAY....but I'm still not catching on at this point.  Then he comes out and asks me to come inside for a minute.  This photo is me walking in the side door, SHOCKED to see a sanctuary full of loved ones!  (I still don't know where everyone parked!)

And I've always thought this photo was cute of the boys. They then went to school talking about how their parents just got married.  There were some questions over that one!  lol

And here we are today:

Still getting used to my hair being parted on the "other" side.  Ha!  and BTW, I've had many different hair styles and hair colors through the years  - hubs actually loves change.  The above pictures I was in my "red" phase.  lol  Never knows who he's going to bed with at night with the changes I make all the time!  He did not enjoy my hair chopped super short, but other than that, he's game for anything I want to do. 

Looking forward to many more wonderful years!


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