Thursday, March 25, 2010

Out to Dinner with the Boys

Why are we always at Texas Roadhouse in these photos?  lol  We knew something was up when Holt ordered water instead of a soda.  We KNEW this meant the steak he was going to order MUST be expensive.  And it was.  He ordered an 18 oz Texas T-Bone for $19.49.  That would be standard operating procedure for him.  lol  And he ate the WHOLE thing, after having just eaten 3/4 of an entire pizza 1.5 hours prior.  Ryan does not know how Holt does not blimp out for as much as he eats!

Photo quality not the best as it was taken with my iPhone.  Both boys got haircuts this week, so don't they look nice?  Ryan just spent a week in Florida, hence the tan.

I had just picked Andy up at the airport and we met the boys.  Here we are tonight:

My hair is getting longer....woo hoo!!  Although I'm doing it to wear my hair curly one of these days, Andy LOVES longer hair.  He is SO happy!  If wearing my hair to his liking makes him SO pleased, I'm happy to do it!

Have a great day!


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