Monday, April 26, 2010

Good and Not so Good Eye News

Sure enough, I got in to see an ophthalmologist zip zap today!  The good news is I do NOT have Shingles in my eyes!  That is one answered prayer right there!!

I also do not have conjunctivitis - the 2 possible choices we thought.

What I actually DO have is dry spots on my corneas.  ???????  She said there are dry ridges on my surface of my corneas and this is causing the blurry vision (I don't truly need those "cheater glasses" from the drug store), the tearing, the "gunk" some mornings.  I will first try to use an over the counter Tear producing ointment for a week and then if it aht doesn't work, she will change my prescription eye drops to something else.

She asked if I slept with my eyes open. Well, noooooooo.  Do some people?  She said yes!  lol

Hopefully I will be better soon, and can lose the cheaters!! 

Thanks so much for the prayers!



  1. bizarre!!:) I have never heard of this before, and especially not of someone sleeping with their eyes open!! Glad it can be corrected! Blessings...

  2. Well I learn something new everyday that someone really does sleep with their eyes OPENED!! hmm.
    I praise God that it was not shingles in your eye, that is great and now I will pray that this med helps with the dry spots..Isn't life grand!!
    I was reading about Job and Job's wife and how they handled trouble..Asking myself how would and do I handle troubles in life. You sure seem to be a Job...Keep your faith my friend and stand strong.


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