Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update on Boys

Ryan left this morning for State Golf (Collegiate Junior Level).  His team qualified for state (I had originally thought he had qualified individually only, but I was wrong on that.)  They will have 2 practice rounds today and tomorrow, and then the tournament is Monday and Tuesday.

Holt has been considering trying to get his old job back and had sent a text to a former assistant manager asking about it.  She instructed him to come in and interview with the new manager.  This kept Holt at bay while he worked up his nerve.  2 nights ago, however, the assistant manager called and BEGGED him to come help her close for the night.  Someone had called in sick and she had no one else.  He went in and voila' - is now rehired.  lol  He will end up working 4-5 days straight this week alone, even though next week's schedule is not up yet.  How is that for getting a job the easy way?  I told him to negotiate a raise since he was such a lifesaver, but he didn't seem interested.  lol

Hubs and I will likely go for more walks since the weather has been so nice lately.  The other night, we walked up to a nearby restaurant and had dinner.  I had a salad that I shared with hubs and we ordered a thin crust pizza. Silly me forgot I am avoiding garlic (think I'm allergic - last time I ate it I got red flushed all over and felt very ill for the rest of the night) and of course we ordered the alternative "no sauce" pizza with garlic, tomatoes, artichokes and Canadian bacon.  Ugh!  Have you ever ordered pizza so thin you almost can't tell it is pizza?  That's the kid this place has.  After he was done with the pizza, we boxed up the rest and finished our walk home.  It was SO nice!  We love spending time together, catching up on our day...........Do you spend time with your spouse?  When was the last time you went for a walk and shared your day?

Have a glorious day! 


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