Monday, July 26, 2010

Photos of the new place

We've lived in our current rental for 3 summers now (2 years, but finagled our lease to get the maximum amount of pool use - we're smart like that.  lol)  Alas, the landlords (who had never rented their house before and had bought another home kind of on a whim), now really really miss their pool and want to come back.  We will surely miss this gunite, salt-water filtration, waterfall, mood-lit wonder!!  Here's a parting photo of the pool.....

And another one.....

This neighborhood is really suffering from this economy.  Most homes were purchased at the height of the market and now are underwater.  Homes sold around $160,000 or higher but are now selling as low as $125,000.  It is not a good situation. 

We love the freedom right now of renting and saving for our future without the risk of a bad real estate investment.  Being a licensed real estate agent gives an inside track on making this decision.

We searched high and low and when we found this gated condo community, we were sold.  And my great hubs negotiated $200 a month off the lease price - amazing!

If you commit to a detailed search, you can find rentals that look like a home you would purchase.  It can be done!

On to the photos.....

View out the front door.  See the nice storm door?  Gonna love that!

Walking in the front door.  Sunroom ahead, Holt's room and bath to the right, dining room and kitchen (and master bedroom/laundry/garage) to the left.  Note to Sage and Sweety - see that lovely room back there?  That is your new room!   Enjoy!

Standing in the sunroom, taking a photo towards the front door and dining room to the right.  The walls are a light beige, not yellow as they appear.  If you can see, the former tenant loved her screws - screws everywhere!  Living with an engineer, I learned a long time ago that I better use the very smallest nail possible for anything I hang, OR ELSE.  (Frankly, I learned to just let him hang stuff, but I  We cannot remove these screws unless we want a mess on the walls, so we will play the "cover up and pretend they aren't theregame.  But you can bet I took detailed photos to prove we didn't do it!

Taken from corner of living room towards hall to Holt's new room and bath.  Sunroom to the left in this photo.

View from inside sunroom.  Door to right goes to the yard and gate to the driveway.

Holt's room.

Holt and guest bathroom.

Iphone photo from Holt's bedroom door looking into living room.

View from dining room - sunroom to left, Holt's hallway to room and bath to the right.  (Door in the hallway is the linen closet.)

Nice, large kitchen with granite countertops.  Door straight ahead is the garage door.  Laundry is just before that door on the left.  Master bedroom hallway doorway just before the laundry room on the left.  Door on the right is the pantry.


Last two photos taken with my iPhone.  Brought my walker over early on so I would have a place to sit.

Rather large dining room/eat-in kitchen.

Hallway to Master bedroom off the kitchen.

Continued hallway to Master bedroom.

Master bedroom taken from the bathroom.

Master bedroom, another view.  Door to right, bathroom to left.

That is a "real" Jacuzzi brand tub!  lol

Views of master bathroom, the last one from the large walk-in closet.  It will be nice having such a large shower so I can put the chair in there for safety.  Sadly, Andy has to live with the toilet NOT having it's own room and door, but I think he will survive.  That is one of his "pet peeves". 

Laundry room.

2 car garage and the gate to the yard and then sunroom.

Community Pool 

So, there you go - the new photos.  Can't wait to put my touch and decorate.  I'm sure I'll be posting "After" photos some time or another.  
Hope you are having a glorious day.  I'm off to spend more time in the pool while I still can!



  1. Congratulations! I'm so glad that you found such a beautiful place!

  2. love it!!! beautiful! thanks for all of your sweet comments on my posts! you are so kind and you always encourage me with your positive attitude in the midst of all you are going through. you are a blessing to me!! glad you are still going to have access to a pool! happy decorating...


Thanks so much for your lovely comments!