Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Secret Toxicity of Cosmetics - have you checked yours?

 Have daughters?  Want to encourage early puberty, infertility, obesity and even breast cancer?

Have sons?  Don't care if they have smaller genitalia or deformed/damaged sperm?  Then don't watch the video!

How about some neurotoxins and a little dab of ADD or ADHD for your kiddos?

Study Shows Infants Exposed to Reproductive Toxins from Shampoo, Lotion and Powder

I've written before about my quest to avoid chemicals in personal care products, particularly sodium laurel sulfate.   It is no easy task! It is really important that we are all aware of this and put pressure on manufacturers to change their ingredients.  Some European countries have already done so.  Why not ours?  

It doesn't just affect babies - it affects all of us.  You will be overwhelmed if you have never researched this topic, even if you choose one ingredient - SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) or Phthalates - you will be SHOCKED. 

It IS possible to get chemical-free products for your family.  A good place to start for skin care products is Simply Divine Botanicals.  Check out the ingredients - your skin will have never looked so good!

Here is the safe cosmetic database to check any and all your products against toxins, including neurotoxins.

Safe Cosmetic Database

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  1. Thanks for getting the message out! I have all kinds of allergies and the two best things I ever did for my skin and hair were switching to pure mineral makeup and giving up shampoo. The Cosmetic Safety Database is invaluable (and very scary). Keep up the good work!


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