Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Does Sunlight Really Cause Cancer?

This video is SO informative.  I really encourage everyone to take the 20 minutes and watch this.  Throughout the entire video, he discusses MANY diseases and ailments, including cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and more.  He stresses the importance and absolute necessity of adequate Vitamin D intake as well.  (Vitamin D3). I found this so important, I put it on my site. 

Please don't click away.  You found this video for a reason!

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Well, did you watch it?  What do you think?  I am a BIG believer in taking Vitamin D3 daily, and personally take 5000mg per day.  The next time I get blood work done, I am having my doctor test my Vitamin D level specifically.  With my level of pain, I could be quite deficient and may need to take much more.  

If you want more information on Vitamin D and Chronic Pain, check THIS out.

Have you had YOUR Vitamin D levels checked?

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