Wednesday, March 30, 2011

$4.99 Make-up Palettes at Target!

Have you seen the E.L.F. palettes at Target?  I just saw that they have new ones.....but not sure if they are truly new.   I bought the last set and now got these.   I can tell you the pigmentation is really great....and for the price?  Frankly, very surprised!

 This is the Smokey Eye Palette

The Neutral Eye Shadow Palette.

They had at least 6 more combinations at the store I visited.......and they don't last long.  These have always been on the end cap areas as I walk by the makeup section on the way to the rest of the store.  Nice and accessible!  If I don't get a photo, the covers are white this time.  (They were dark last time.)

Where can you find a deal like that and have quality products to boot?



  1. Beautiful colors !! Might have to check those out next time I'm at Tar-jay!! :)

  2. I bought Jenna a set for her Easter basket!


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