Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Joining this party for the first time, here are this week's questions:

1. Do you make a budget and keep it, or just fly by the seat of your pants?

Yes, we have a very detailed budget.  We keep our money balanced to the penny.  We have the paychecks automatically deposited into one account that the general bills get paid out of (the fixed bills, mostly).  Then, a chunk of money gets then automatically transferred to another bank where hubby gets cash the Saturday after every payday.  (every 2 weeks)  THIS cash goes in our wallets and is used to pay the following:

Health Food store items/supplements
Any miscellaneous spending
Eating out

If we want to go out to eat, I look in my wallet.  If there is no money, we don't go!  It is very simple. Some folks say that having cash in their wallet gets spent faster.  For me, seeing cash makes me hoard it - I don't like to spend it. 

2. Do you do spring cleaning and if so which month?

No, we clean year round.  This has always been on of OUR issues....both clean freaks.  We move so often that things never get cluttered up.  

3. Are you a yard sale lover and do you have them and go to them?
No!  Will rarely go to one and even more rarely will I hold one.  We hired an estate guy once to operate our garage sale and we made (after his cut) $5000.  He priced things MUCH higher than I ever would have and because he had such a following (folks knew he only took on great sales)...he pulled those prices.
However, we have purchased MUCH of our furniture and other items out of the classifieds or online sale sites.  Many amazing deals to be had - folks moving, getting a divorce, financial distress sales.....can get really great prices and not have to pay full price OR drive around to a zillion yard sales.  lol

4. What do you take when you have a headache?
I take a product called Charcoal, from the health food store.  A holistic MD we had a few years back recommended taking Charcoal for headaches and if you know you just ate something you should not have.  It absorbs whatever it is that is triggering the headache.    Works amazing on me.  Since hubby found out he is officially allergic to Tylenol and cannot have Advil, he is struggling to get on the Charcoal bandwagon.  When he takes it, his headaches go away. 

5. Name 3 things that you feel lucky to have in your life!
I feel lucky to have my family - especially my husband.  We have been through SO much and it seems to never end, but he's a wonderful, faithful guy.  At the end of the day, despite other issues that might cloud things, his heart is golden.   
I feel lucky to have my positive spirit/glass half full mentality.  Wouldn't make it another day with this pain if I did not believe in something greater to come.  If I had known that my future would never have another pain-free minute EVER, I would have stopped and taken in through all 5 senses the relief....the relief I never knew WAS relief.   I now try to live as if I may not have tomorrow so I don't get caught in regret later.  It's tough, but gives me purpose.  I consider this a gift because I CHOOSE it.  It helps me reach out to others who are currently struggling with their chronic pain and haven't found a place of peace yet.

And I am thankful for my dogs - they bring much joy to my mostly reclined/distract from nerve pain life I'm living.  Dogs just have a way of doing that - unconditional love.

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  1. The two of you in your photos are ADORABLE! Thanks for following Crafty Geordi, I am with you now too :-)
    I am curious about what makes you hurt, I am going now to look at your other posts. I saw your link to the spinal cord stimulator post, I have a co-worker who had one implanted. Changed his life.....

  2. Great attitude to a budget.

    Living as though there may not be a tomorrow, I always think its a wise idea to make the most out of every situation.

  3. I love your puppies!! and Im loving your blog!!

  4. I am popping in for a Tuesday visit. I enjoyed your answers!

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  6. I enjoyed reading this, Cheri! Sounds like you're a Dave Ramsey fan! He's great!

  7. Hi Cheri! I really enjoy reading your blog! I've given you an award over at my blog...come check it out!!!



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