Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adventures of Accidentally Taking Your Pet's Medication

No, you did not misread that title.  Yes, I took my pet's medication.

 I had to post this photo of Sweety at age 6 months.  A face only a mother could love?  lol   She is now 7 years old.

First, some important info:  I am REALLY bad about getting MY medication out and then forgetting to take it.   Hubs has been on me to take the pills the minute I have them in my hand - no more getting them out early, setting them near my computer.  Doesn't work, I will forget.  One of the meds I take MUST be taken on a regular schedule or I get messed up.

That said.........Today we noticed our Pekingese Sweety having an arthritis flare-up.  She went to a beauty appointment the other day, and almost always comes home a little worse for wear.  It takes a few days to get back to her old self.  She has degenerative disc issues in her back, and on the days we see her walking weird, she takes Previcox, which is to my understanding, doggie Advil/Nsaids.  

So, when I saw Sweety limping, I asked hubs to give her the pill.  He was busy.  I waited 15 minutes or so, asked him again, and could just TELL, you know how it is.......he'll mean well but forget, right?  So I got up and got the pill out of the wrapping and needed hubs to bring her to me. (I cannot bend, lift nor twist and getting the pill in a tiny Pekingese isn't on my list of "should do").  

Somehow, I got distracted and walked to my bathroom to get my water.  As I walked back in the kitchen, I popped that pill, the DOGGIE ADVIL, down my throat.  I freaked!  Andy read the box and it said something to the tune of, "Beware, not for human consumption."  Great, just great.  But was he shocked?  I can't say that he was.  Isn't that sad?  ROFL.

As I start chugging water to go force it back up through vomiting, I beg him to call Poison Control, just in case.  Right?  Just trying to be smart.   Well, I had NO luck on the vomiting plan (and bending over the toilet is also NOT on my list of "should do".)  Andy comes in with Poison Control on the phone and tells me they do not recommend I vomit this up.  Well, GOOD, 'cause it wasn't working!  After asking the weight of the dog (18 lbs) and me (never should ask a lady her weight!) and my age (Andy telling them if I lived, I would be 44 tomorrow, lol), it was determined that if I do NOT live until tomorrow, it won't be because I took Doggie Advil.  Things might have been different if Sweety and I were close to the same weight. 
Thank goodness!!!  And a few hours later, when Poison Control called to check on me, the funny girl asked me if I had started barking yet.  Ha Ha Ha!  And poor Sweety (the dog), I did not need to take any of her "30 pills for $40" medicine!

Sigh.  I did not notice any side effects and also didn't notice an improvement in my pain.  lol   

It just never ends with me, it truly doesn't.  So now, I'm pretty sure the next time I ask hubs to give Sweety her pill, I bet her hops right to that.  What do you think? 

Have a glorious day!



  1. I'm glad everything turned out okay--it sure makes a funny story!

  2. Too bad the doggie advil didn't completely 'fix' your pain!!!

    Now THAT would be something, huh?

  3. You are hilarious . I almost gave my doggie my sons medicine.. Boy we sure have alot of things in common that has happened to us or our family. Alot of the meds we give are doggies are people meds anyways. lol.. To bad it did not take away the pain. lol.. I am sure my doggie will be on meds for his life but at least he is walking now.. I am so happy.. hope your asweetie is feeling better.. mishelle

  4. I took my 30 pound dog's worm shield last night. I will let you know.

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