Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Weekend Recap

Thought I'd start with a photo of my girls, showing their new "do" after their beauty/spa appointments.

And great news!!  The burning pain in my back that I mentioned the other day HERE, appears to be almost gone.  Yay!!! I've been asked if it might be shingles and I actually have recovered recently from my 4th bout of shingles in 2 years (and that is always on my face in one nerve pattern), and this pain is WORSE than shingles pain.  Horrid.  But I am thankful it only stayed around a few days this time instead of a month!

Since Holt will be going to Texas for the summer, we thought we'd treat him to dinner.  Now this is the child who hesitates to be seen in public with his parents.  I mean, y'all, he IS almost an adult.  Being the empty garbage gut that he is, he was suggesting steak, seafood (lobster), or anything else that might break the bank.  lol   Andy wanted me to pick a restaurant for my birthday dinner, but I plan to do that in Dallas this coming week.  Woo Hoo!!    So donning my "sweet amazing wife/mom hat", I suggested  Bonefish Grill, one of Andy's favorite places that Holt had not been to.   He enjoyed calamari for the first time, but I do not think he is my child - I cannot eat anything "rubbery".  lol  He and hubs ordered the same entree - Snapper with lump crab and lemon butter sauce.   I ordered the Coconut Crusted Shrimp appetizer.  So while the guys snarfed down 2 ordered of the bread, calamari, and their snapper dinners, I enjoyed my 6 pieces of shrimp and ice water.   Not to worry, the minute I was done I headed out the door to do some shopping, "girl style" as we were in a super nice outdoor mall area.  There ended up being a glitch in the plans - the guys were supposed to find me when they left the restaurant and accompany me birthday shopping, but Holt decided HE needed clothes and wouldn't let Andy leave him.  Hmmmmph.  So I shopped alone.  Not feeling too special, especially after I was so gracious with the restaurant.......but I was a good girl and did not shop it up to get even.  lol  I did treat myself to a Ben and Jerry's scoop of ice cream, I think it was called Bonner and Buzz?  Yumm.  Malted milk, caramel, coffee flavor....  Again, alone.  lol  They finally caught up with me, heads down, but it was all good.  Ice cream is soothing like that!

So today was my birthday - turned 44, a double even number!!! I prefer even over odd -  I'm weird like that.   I woke up in tears from pain, but thankfully the meds kicked in pretty quick.  Not sure what that pain was about, as that is unusual.  I got up and did my usual morning ritual while I wait for my body to loosen up and want to get going.  Andy was cleaning out and packing up our older son's room as he moved out Friday.  Not a word about my birthday.  He asked me a little hurriedly how soon I would be ready to go swimming and I told him I was busy responding to everyone on F.acebook (a zillion birthday wishes, thank you everyone!) and he snapped, "You can do that this evening!"  Hellooo.......HINT???   I wrongly assumed that since last night was all about THEM, that maybe I'd wake up to some flowers or a card or even a hug?  Ya know what they say about assuming!

So 2 hours later in the pool, still no mention of my birthday and he was actually a little cranky with his mind elsewhere.  I was thinking maybe he would be surprising me with something and was trying to throw me off the trail?   Since subtle is not really an adjective anyone would use to describe my personality, I finally just flat out said, "So, you know it's my birthday today"?  His eyes bugged out of his head.  It was hilarious.   And about 4 hours later, he remembered to get my card out and it was a very sweet card - have to give him kudos for that.  There for a while I thought he'd be running me by a store to read some cards to save money.  LMBO

After that sputtering start, we had a great afternoon in the pool.  The water was so warm and that salt-water filtration is just heavenly. To make up for the sad start, he took me shopping (and just to be clear, shopping does not imply buying!  I love to browse!) AND he promised to not rush me as he often does.   (I rarely drive and therefore I mostly only get out on weekends due to my pain and mostly numb feet - feeling the gas and brake pedals is really important, ya know?)  Surprise - he was so patient AND helpful (getting things I couldn't reach, for example, since I can't bend, lift or twist).  I couldn't believe it!!  We just talked and shared and laughed and joked.  Had a great time actually.  That alone was a great birthday present!

We did share another "NOT my birthday dinner" at Steak and Shake, another of his faves and then we ran by CVS to check one thing.  Wellllll, they were having all kinds of sales, so I bet we were in there another 45 minutes?  lol  The "new" Cheri has no sense of time, is just SO relaxed, and simply enjoys her excursions into town with her sweet husband.  Not once did he get annoyed, or rush me, or "half-listen" like guys sometimes do.  lol 

The main purpose of our trip (outside of seeing family) is I have 2 high school reunions - one has been dubbed a "Super Reunion" for a span of years, and then the next night is an informal band reunion.  Yes, I was a band geek, playing bassoon in concert season (both band AND orchestra - Yep, I do NOT wonder why more of the "cool" guys wouldn't ask me out!) and then after one marching season in the flag corp, I took up Tenor Sax for marching season.  So fun!  If you weren't in band, you can't know just how close that band bond can be.  Love my band buddies!! 

And now it is 2am and I am STILL up. Time to get myself to bed.  I'm reading a new book called "Who Switched Off My Brain - Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions" by Dr. Caroline Leaf.   

Her passion is studying the brain and on the inside jacket cover, it states:  "In this revised edition, Dr. Leaf clearly illustrates how the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience prove scripture - that you can renew your mind.  You can break the cycle of toxic thinking.  You can break unhealthy patterns.  Learn how "The Dirty Dozen", twelve areas of toxic thinking, can be swept away.  And uncover how healthy thoughts can actually start to help improve every area of your life - your relationships, your health and even your success."

THIS is the book I have been looking for, as I have watched how my pain worsens/skyrockets as stress increases in my life from other sources.  When I get control of my mind and stop worrying/dwelling/ pain improves.  But I wanted a book to help me step by step, as frankly living with never-ending pain is nothing something easily ignored, let alone anything else to add to it.  So far, I highly recommend the book!  Here is a video I watched online with her in an interview:

Who Switched off my brain?

Peter J Shepherd | MySpace Video

Anyhoo, I'll have an official review of this someday soon.  No paid request, just my personal interest!

After we get back from Dallas, hubs and I will have a new life - no kids!!  Wonder what that will be like?  (Just until August, but still, looking forward to it!)

Have a glorious day!


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