Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Silly Shoe Love

Today's post is just meant to make me smile and perhaps can be some humor for others.  I'm physically recovering from a major trip to Dallas and dinner out last night with business colleagues of my husband's.  To distract from the pain and make me smile,  I thought I would share a highlight of last week.

It isn't often that I find/found shoes that fit my narrow feet perfectly.  When Andy met me while working at that shoe store, I quickly informed him that if he had a problem with my purchasing quality shoes, to run now.  lol  I had nothing to fear - he personally had an affinity for Allen Edmonds shoes, 'nuff said. 

These days, sexy beautiful shoes are out and safe shoes are in.   Dansko it is.  I am definitely not complaining - I am THANKFUL I can still walk and thankful that shoes exist to ensure my safety.

My love of sexy high heels started young.  I post this picture for fun.  I was trying on my first pair of heels and a photo bug in the family managed to snap this photo as I RAN the minute I saw the camera.  For those that know my utter gracefulness (NOT), how I did not break my ankle during the attempted escape is still completely a shock.  lol  (And yes, I was doing a Miss America walk in my nightgown.  I especially love the knee hi hose- - awww, to be 14 again.  lol)

I was innocently walking down an aisle in Marshalls when these shoes caught my eye as I walked down the aisle.  I whipped my head around.   I KNEW I could not own these shoes but decided to take photos so I could continue dreaming.  So here is my montage of photos with my beloved shoes I cannot own.  Enjoy.  lol  I did NOT pay attention to nor write down the brand of these shoes - did not want to be tempted.  Smart girl, eh?

And if Andy is looking at this, you cannot see the helpful shopper holding me up *wink wink*.  lol   Tan courtesy of our pool and pedicure courtesy of a shop close to our hotel while I stayed the day with my ill hubby, only running out for this quick pedicure for the reunion that night.  (Details in future post).

I had another lovely shopper take this photo for me with my iPhone.  lol

If I ever find these shoes on complete clearance and under $10, I might just purchase them and ride in a wheelchair just to look at them all night.  Hey, gotta give me silly joy where I can find it!!

Meanwhile, these are the only sandals I can wear nowadays, but they are comfy!  Dansko Sissy.  Pricey, BUT they last years.  I am still wearing the first pair I purchased in 2005. 

When we realized how extensive and dangerously numb my feet were, I asked several professionals what their shoe recommendation(s) were and Dansko was hands down what they recommended.  If you have never tried on a pair of Dansko shoes, I recommend it, just to feel the difference.  Your body is put in a different posture than normal and this is why these shoes are so safe.  Many nurses and medical staff wear them for their durability and comfort.
Some day, I'm going to print a book of this blog, and I will have these photos forever.  Isn't this sad?  lol  But just looking at these photos makes me SO happy.  Folks with numb feet and balance issues understand.  *Smile*

Have a glorious day!


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