Monday, February 28, 2011

I just saved $85 on shoes!!

$85!!!!!!  Definitely doing the happy dance, singing "I love Rue La La.....yes I do....yes I do...."

As I've stated many times before, I consider Dansko shoes to be one of the best shoes on the market.  You can wear these all day long and NOT feel fatigue, these shoes almost force you to have good posture, which I think is what makes them so comfy.  Go to any hospital and you will see almost all medical personnel in Dansko shoes.  Until 2007, Dansko was the same company as Sanita, but they split. 

The interesting thing about these clogs is they defy anything you've ever been told.  These shoes SHOULD be loose on your heal to fit properly but you would be so surprised to actually spend a day in a pair of Dansko or Sanita clogs.  Your toes do not have to grip to hold on (you know what I mean, ladies!) - your feet can just relax and enjoy their day.   I will forever be indebted to the physical therapist who told me I HAD to go get a pair of Dansko clogs when I was diagnosed with all my nerve damage.  Changed my life, that therapist did!

So today, when I saw on Rue La La (an online boutique shopping experience) that the Sanita shoes and clogs were on deep discounts, I was excited.  I found a lovely pair of clogs for $49.90, regular priced $135.  THAT is a deal!

I do not have a brown pair, and always just wear my plain black clogs with everything.  These will be perfect - at a perfect price!  I have tried the Sanita brand on before and they were a little roomier than Dansko, so I ordered a size down.  If it doesn't work, I will easily return it for 100% money back.  Can't beat that!

The black pair of Dansko clogs I wear every day?  Purchased in 2005!!!!!!!!  These puppies last FOREVER.    So now I will own a black pair, one called "Confetti" which has pastel threads, my new black with purple swirl pair 

and then these brown ones (and a few Dansko sandals that I've also had forever and a day, except for one brand new pair I purchased for $21 a few months ago.  Regular price over $100.  Patience is a virtue.  The early bird gets the worm.  Yahoo!!!   Considering these are the ONLY shoes I can wear with my nerve damaged numb feet, I am thrilled.  You have no idea.  Paying $135 for shoes on MY budget/frugal ways isn't easily swallowed.  lol
I could not be happier with my shopping experiences with Rue La La - if you haven't checked it out, I recommend you do.  Every day brings 3-5 new brands of merchandise, from home decor, clothing, jewelry, kitchen items, makeup, .......even travel packages.  Most items are returnable and I've had an excellent experience with returns as well.  

Here is my referral link - joining is free.  You then get an email every day, showing you the available sales.  I mostly view these sales for inspiration but occasionally find a product I normally buy at incredible discounts.  (I've purchased skin care products, shoes, even lingerie that I normally pay full price for).

What are you waiting for??  Don't you want to call your hubby and tell him you just saved $85???  This particular sale ends in 1 day, 20 hours.  They also have today - Amrita Singh jewelry, Vera Wang Home products, men's Vilebrequin Saint Tropez clothing, Lake Austin Spa/Resort package, and Free People clothing, along with continuing sales from other days. 



  1. I've got a question for you....

    You say these shoes should fit loosely in the heel area... how do you keep them on your feet?

    My feet are very narrow (The widest part, the ball of my foot, is 3 1/8 inches wide, at the narrowest, the arch, it is 2 1/8 inches wide). I also have about 1/4 of my left foot that is paralyzed. It's basically the 2 smallest toes and the mid part of the foot about halfway to the ankle.

    If the shoes are loose in the heels, then how on earth do they stay on your feet? I CANNOT wear mules or anything without a back part b/c I walk right out of them.

  2. Heather, regarding the Dansko and Sanita shoes. First, if your feet are that narrow, definitely stick with the Danskos. I have narrow feet as well, but never narrower than AA. Sounds like you would wear a AAA or AAAA?

    This loose heel thing is hard to wrap your head around. Honestly, you have to try them on and walk around. Even then, you will think "These are too loose" but they aren't. How they stay on? I guess it is the stability to the shape - they just don't come off. I have a very narrow bottom of foot to top of foot near the toes. Does that make sense? So a toebox meant for a fat foot just has my foot swimming in it...yet these Danskos, while definitely roomy, just stay on. Amazing.

    My feet are both mostly numb from the pinky to the 2nd toe - they feel like marshmallows. I have major proprioception issues with my feet not letting my brain (or not able to let my brain know) exactly where they are. I fall easily. These shoes have CHANGED MY LIFE. When I have them on, I no longer worry about falling.

    And something about the way the shoe "last" is.....your posture will dramatically improve. Slouching is not allowed - so hard to explain. I was shocked - it is why I mention it. I had my mom try these on and she was also concerned about the loose heel and now? She owns 3 pair. Won't wear anything else. Sometimes the salesman will say "Wear these shoes for 3 hours a day until you get used to them, they are so different than other shoes" but I didn't have to.

    Even walking around in socks or barefoot in my homes scares me. I can step on the dogs tail and no know it until she yelps. NUMB. These shoes give me an incredible peace of mind.

    I recommend "The Walking Store" if you can find one. Their sales staff is highly trained and knowledgeable. And on the Dansko website, it shows some clogs in Narrow. You might want to check that out - perhaps try the regular ones on in the store, have them order the narrow and then try on before purchasing.

    I also cannot wear mules or backless shoes for the same reason - my toes "can't" clench/grip. My mom said she didn't realize how much her toes DID grip her shoes, even in shoes that toes shouldn't be gripping.

    If I were you, I wouldn't buy these without trying them on first, but if you go to the store and hear other people's testimonials, you will be sold. I just hope they aren't too wide for your narrow feet. Mine are narrow too, but not as narrow as yours.

    OH, be sure to also get at least one pair of the Dansko socks - these are INCREDIBLE. At $14.99, I would NOT have tried them if I had not been sent a free pair around Christmas. They are cushy and thicker and help "fill up" that wider that may be an option for you as well. The way those socks hug my feet - feels lovely.

    I hope you find they are as much of a God send for you as well. The physical therapist I mentioned told me she begs all her nerve damaged/numb feet clients to please buy only Dansko for the safety reasons. When I saw the price tag, I almost croaked. That's why I get so excited when I find them on sale.

    If you do find that Dansko works for you, watch also - they often have sales on Dansko shoes. The only sandal I can wear in Dansko (due to my skinny bottom to top of foot) is the Sissy - it has an adjustable strap that I can tighten down. I've often had to (in the past) put those foot pads under the ball of the foot to make up the room and make the shoe snugger. Haven't had to with the Danskos, but again, I had to "get used" to the concept of a loose shoe that does not come off, no matter what (if properly sized). Just have to try them on to believe it. Wish there was a virtual shoe deal online!

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