Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keeping It Real...

A recap for new visitors - I have chronic severe nerve pain and cannot bend, lift or twist for the rest of my life (my implanted spinal cord stimulator dictates I cannot lean too far lest I pull the wires out.).   This makes many things a challenge around the house.  Hubs is AMAZING but every now and then, he gets confused.  This was such a time.

So, every time I go in the main bathroom for the family, there is never toilet paper in the toilet paper thingy.  Do you have one?

Now, I GET it.  I really do.  I'm the only girl.  Guys don't give a hoot about these toilet paper things.  But, HELLO!!!  I cannot bend over to get the toilet paper out from under the cabinet, and I also cannot LEAN over from the toilet to reach under the cabinet.  So when I run out of toilet paper, I am STUCK.  (I have learned to look and notice BEFORE I get stuck in a compromising position, but still....)

So, last night, I used the last of the toilet paper and came out to ask hubs (or the boys) if the next person in the bathroom could please replace the toilet paper AND put toilet paper rolls in the toilet paper thingy.

Hubs stares at me.  And then says:

"Well, why?  You can't reach it."

HUH?  I had this look:


(I'm sure all husbands have seen a look like this, right?  lol)  And seriously, folks - he just called.  He never calls at this time.  His ears are burning!  lol

OK.  Back to HUH?  I said:

"What do you mean, I can't reach it?"

"Well, you can't."

Pause.  I am confused.  I am trying to think how his very literal engineer mind is working.  And I get it.  So I say,

"Sweety, I'm a GIRL.  I SIT on the toilet, which makes reaching the toilet paper thingy EASY."  (Is he forgetting I don't stand?)

Light bulb goes off in his head. 

"Oh, so that's why we have that thing (toilet paper thingy)?"

"Yes, dear.  I would have thought you would have noticed I was a girl by now."

Sweet smile.


So I got up this morning to find this:


If this isn't funny or confuses you, please be thankful you can get your own toilet paper and haven't had to go around your house and put EVERYTHING you need at waist level or higher.  lol  

Clearly, I should have had a family meeting to explain WHY I purchased this toilet paper thingy.  And it wasn't to annoy them.   Why do guys just assume we are trying to annoy them?  lol
I wonder if the toilet paper thingy manufacturer realized this is used as a disability aid?  lol

Meanwhile, on goes my life with 3 very very concrete/literal thinking men.  And I can reach the toilet paper!  Woo Hoo!!!!



  1. This was very cute, Cheri! Similar issue at our house being, no one seems to know HOW to put the TP on the holder except me! They just sit it on top of the holder! Not quite sure why we even installed them in the first place!
    Your guys are sure sweet to help you! So glad you can find great solutions to the little things we take for granted!

  2. I guess I must be a bit lucky when it comes to TP. My engineer husband has a "fear" of running out of TP. If we ever have a disaster everyone else will be buying up water and canned food and my husband will be corning the market for TP. Each of our 3 bathrooms have that little holder and if we do not all of those full and an additional 12 rolls in the pantry he says we are low on TP. But he is a fantastic husband and I love him with all my heart so I just buy TP frequently.

  3. Oh, you know that I can relate to this one! I don't have to worry about stim wires like you do, but I simply can't bend due to all of the elasticity being gone in those core muscle groups.

    T. is definitely one of the more obsessed types when it comes to making sure that we have plenty of the necessities. We always have at least 2 back-ups of all the staples, and that includes TP.

    He's not bad about getting a new roll out of the cupboard as long as he's the one who finishes it, but he never just notices it's empty when he's in there for "other things" and he generally just rests it on top of the holder or the magazine rack. I've never quite understood what is so difficult about putting it where it belongs. It takes all of a minute to do!

    I'm glad Andy figured it out once you reminded him that you're a girl. LOL He and the boys really do have that stereotypical engineer mindset, don't they? For what it's worth though, no matter what the profession, there still seems to be a bit of that kind of "logic" in most men.

    Hang in there my friend,


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